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Feedback and other Stuff - November 27, 2005

HP free online classes are better than CNET

From Fran at Gammaw Geek

I just read the newsletter and saw that you recommended CNET online classes. I too took classes there for quite sometime.


That is, until I ran across HP Classes online. They have a Home and Home Business section and a Small An Medium Business section. Classes are free to all. Some of the classes are the same ones that CNET offers.


I prefer the HP format as you can click on printable format for each class, assignment and questions page and print a nice copy. You also get a certificate of completion after each class. They also keep track of all classes for you so you can check the list before signing up so you do not duplicate a class.


Note - The Home and the Small business sections have different class offering and keep separate lists of your classes. The Home section does not know what classes you are or have

taken in the Small Business section and vice versa. I recently found out they have the two sections - now I have more classes to explore.


I enjoy the small business section the best. You will need to check back often as the class offerings change a bit every month or two. You can sign up ahead of time and they will let you know when class starts.


Home and Home Office - http://h30240.www3.hp.com/index.jsp


Small and Medium Business - http://h30187.www3.hp.com/all_courses.jsp




Thanks Fran, I'll have to take a look at those. They sound great.

How can I bookmark past issues of Clif Notes?

From Jimi

Hey Clif,

Is there any way to put a volume # in the URL so we can bookmark each issue instead of just the current one??

I find it handy to revisit specific pages now and then, it's quicker than surfing for them!!



Hi Jimi, all my past issues can be found in the NewsLetters archive. They all use the date as part of the name. For example, the newsletter I wrote on 2005, November 13th see ClifNotesNewsletter051113.

Do I really need a password manager?

From Karel

I'm puzzled.


Many years ago, when this old lady began her adventure on the brand-new internet, I began the habit of jotting down my passwords into a small address book. I keep that book, written in pencil, in a drawer by my PC.


Password managers just don't make sense to me! If a keylogger or hacker can figure out the password to my bank account, why can't they uncover the password to my password manager? Solve one mystery and get the whole pot of gold!


I'm sure my address book idea could be considered out of date. Its also full of erasures and dog-eared, but no hacker can get to it.


Also, while I've got your attention, :-) Most honest programmers and developers would rather have a Donate button on their sites rather than bundle their software. Kudos to them! PayPal has never once complained to me about the number of $5.00 and $10.00 'donations' I've made to these guys.


I suggest to everyone.. please! If you download software and you like it and use it, go back to the developer's site and push that button. Even on an extremely limited budget like mine, that $5.00 isn't going to make that big of a dent. But those donations add up and hopefully they'll help and encourage the software writer to try bigger and better projects.


Ok. Off my soapbox now.


Thanks for all you do.. Karel


Karel, it sounds like your password keeping system is foolproof. The password managers in browsers and utilities like KeePass and AI Roboform are so handy to use it's hard for me not to use them.


I agree, it's always good to donate a few bucks to the freeware authors. I wish more of us did that.

Hoping some MS products stay free

From tutelage

Startup Delayer v2.1.10 looks quite promising. I hope to try it out soon.


The Visual Studio Express looks interesting as well. I've also noticed a trend with Microsoft offering free software (some being betas). I've tried and liked the anti-virus software you featured a while back, but later MS stopped it from being free. As far as I know things like Webmatrix and WSH, which like Vstudio express are still free. For users like us, I hope they stay that way. But MS also gains because people that use their software learn MS oriented langugages and may grow attached to MS products.


Great newsletter as always. Keep up the good work.


Thanks tutelage, I also hope MS keeps putting out freeware. It's a good service for us and they can still make a buck or two.

Use EULAlyzer when trying new software

From Giorgos

I think EULAlyzer is a good addition. It's Free for home or educational users from Javacool.


The frapp map is a great idea. I added myshelf. Thanks!!!


Thanks Giorgos, I haven't tried EULAlyzer yet. I'll get around to it eventually. I see you on the map. You are the only one from Greece. LOL


Daemon Tools is adding optional adware

From Periwinkle at alt.comp.freeware

For all who've been waiting. Daemon Tools v4.00 has been released. However,

it's bundled with ADWARE now although you can still choose to NOT install

the ADWARE portion. Users beware!


Get it here:




From the website:


Description: DAEMON Tools is a virtual cd/dvd-rom emulator. It is able to

emulate nearly all known copy protections on the market today. THIS VERSION



Size: 1380 KB


Thanks for the warning. It's always nice to know what you are getting.


Transferring data from a dying hard drive

From Kim

I am looking for a program to transfer data from a dying hard drive to another. I would prefer a free one but i don't want a trial version. Also is there a way to do it without a program and by just using data transfer cables?

Thanks for your help


Hi Kim,


1. The cheapest way is to hook up the new hard drive in the old PC. Then you can just copy files from one drive to the other.



The other method using cables ...

I never found a free way to do it. I used shareware and a parallel port lap link cable I made by hand.


2. If you are handy, you can make the parallel cable yourself.


Then you have to find LapLink software or try the Windows Direct Connect program that comes on all PC's.



3. Here's a USB cable for connecting two PC's



Method 1 is the easiest for most people. You have to know how to add another hard drive to your PC.


New Home Material Estimating Spread Sheets

From Gary


Take a look at the New Home Material Estimating Spread Sheets Done In Excel that I just uploaded this morning! I had created some New Home Material Estimating Spread Sheets about Six or Seven years ago and someone from Habitat for Humanity came across them and wanted to try them out! Since Katrina and Wilma hit I looked until I found them and upgraded them for Excel 2000 and up! They are good for estimating the total material costs on a new home. They also come at the right price and that would be Free! You can find out more at http://www.internetfixes.com/estimatingSS.htm

I have Four more of them for different types of homes and as soon as I find time to update them I will post them.





That's cool Gary. I hope Habitat can use your help.


Got AI Roboform to work in Netscape and Firefox

From Walt


Many thanks for all your help. I was able to get Roboform to work with both Netscape and Firefox. The page you linked me to had separate extension downloads for each browser that did the trick. It also told me how to install extensions, simply open the file using the browser file-open feature. Thanks again for your responses and time.


I'm happy to hear I was able to help a little. Those extensions are at this Roboform page and work with the old freeware version.


Avast! feature no longer available

From Giorgos

For avast!, be aware that in newer free versions is removed the script shield(check it at http://www.avast.com/eng/av4_version_comp.html ). So if you like avast! you can add a script defence to your system. At past I used ScripTrap http://keir.net/ and AnalogX Script Defender http://www.analogx.com/contents/download/system/sdefend.htm but I never tried them at XP). Reviews and user opinions at http://www.snapfiles.com/get/sdefender.html and http://www.snapfiles.com/get/scriptrap.html .


Thanks Giorgos, I never know about script shield.


Online class from Candy - Creating Icons and Cursors

From Clif - link to article


Candy offered everyone email classes about creating icons and cursors. When I last spoke with her it was going well and she had 47 students. Let me know if you liked the class. comments?


Freeware offered by shady authors

From Clif - link to article

Two weeks ago, I asked this question.


Should I recommend a good clean freeware program even if the authors also host or create adware infested programs? Yes No Other.


The readers responded 2 to 1 in favor of knowing about the freeware as long as they knew all the details. comments?



To everyone

I like getting messages from you. Don't hesitate to EmailClif with your comments.