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Feedback and other Stuff - October 9, 2005


TopFreeware's top websites

TF76, webmaster of TopFreeware wrote to recommend some websites.



This site is really cool, it allows you to get info on your website for search engines, it gets updated every month. Hopefully you haven't already reviewed it



The only gaming site you need if you're into games. All freeware unless mentioned. Very popular site.


http://www.auditmypc.com is good for testing your pc settings as well.

CyberGuide googles for freeware

Zia, author of CyberGuide wrote to ask ...


Hey Clif howz it going?

I need a couple of freewares..

1. MP4 to AVI or WMV program

2. A screen capture program which capture videos


I recommended IrfanView for capturing frames from video. Zia found the first one himself and I've included his review of Mp4Cam2Avi in this weeks newsletter.

Get the most out of Mostz

Sanook wrote in to recommend a cool free web service for storing 100mb of your personal files.


Thanks Sanook, I've written a review of it. MostzWeb

You can't cash the check if you can't read it

Tiffany forwarded a request from Mitch to me ...


I am slowing becoming dimmer and dimmer with the eyes due to age and my computing skills have also become limited as a result.

One project I have attempted over the years has been to Print Checks.

The Personal wallet size checks everybody has with their checking account.

I have always thought is possible to do this like a form letter or a mass mailing word processing program type operation. If it can print labels and or an envelope why not a check say I..


Using a ink Jet or Bubble Jet with Landscape printing and Envelop Printing capability it should be pretty simple.


I have gone so far as to change the font size of the blank space between lines up and down for fine tuning adjustments.


Each time I get it near perfect for use something slips or the margin top or bottom or whatever changes and I need to start near over.


I am wondering if someone has perfected this simple process?


I wrote back and recommended this program, which was reviewed in my newsletter by GeorgesFreeware. Here is a direct link to George's page about this utility. George's review of Check Printer.

Ramit's template quest

Ramit at pbwiki wrote to ask me to help with a project.


We are building a wizard to make it easy for people to build new wikis, and we'd like to offer people a few templates to use. That's where you come in--we'd love to have you help us build a template for 1 of these ideas.


-Educators (instructors who teach a class)

-Family album/share with your family


-Trip planner

-To do list

-Fan sites (TV shows specifically)


-Business ideas


For example, a bookseller would probably want to have an easy categorization system for books, a place for images to be displayed, pricing, etc. By contrast, a TV fan site would probably have something like a general summary page, episode summary, music page, Factoids page, a discussion forum, and character background.


So to make this happen, please pick one of the above choices (tell me which one you like best!), investigate what the typical user would want, and create a new PBwiki with your template.


We'll be HAPPY to give you credit when we launch this new feature.


I accepted Ramit's request, I'm still working on a Family Album template with my wife. If you think you'd like to try your hand at making a pbwiki template, EmailClif. Editing pages on pbwiki (PeanutButterWiki) is as easy as making a peanutbutter and jelly sandwich. It's free and all you need to give out is your email address. Click on the pb&j sandwich below to sign up for a free pbwiki account. You can make as many of them as you wish.


If you ever get anxious about giving your email address out to someone new. Check out my reviews of MailiNator, SpamLa, SpamhOle and SpamGourmet.

Spoofed by SpoofStick

Keith wrote in with two questions ...


I have two questions & a comment...

My first is about Opera. I haven't used it much & none lately. My question is this...I have an older version & would like to update. My problem is, I have some favorites & such set up in the older version. How can I keep what I have saved in the new version?

About SpoofStick... When I first installed it, it was at the first of the toolbar...over time it has moved to the other end of the toolbar. I'm giving you a screenshot so you can see what I'm talking about. Obviously, if I can't see what it's telling me, it's not doing much good. I don't know how to get it moved so I can see all the info. I would be more than happy to research this, but, my life is so frantic right now, there isn't much time for it.

I want to tell you again, how much I appreciate what you do. I've learned so much...can't thank you enough!


I wrote back ... If you you had a recent version of Opera (7+), just install the new one and it will detect your old version of Opera. The bookmarks and settings will be used by the newest install.


All of your toolbars can be moved. You have them locked right now. I bet you didn't realize that.

Go to the menu, View / Toolbars and uncheck the "Lock the toolbars" item in the menu.


Now you can grab the toolbars by the vertical line and drag them around.

Can't click this

Kavs wrote this about the recent DontClickIt review.


That "Don't Click It" site might've been interesting but NO, I never could figure out how to see its contents. But whoa, I don't care, that was merely a capricious and obtuse sorta thing. Now wait: you wanna see a TRULY GREAT 'don't click it' site, try this:


Thanks for the congratulations!

Thanks to all of you who wrote me to send congratulations to me on my daughter's marriage last weekend. I get lots of nice email from many of you. Thanks again.

Fort Freeware says, put down some roots

The webmaster of FortFreeware wrote to tell me ...


Hey Clif well done on your new site, keep up the good work. But I now notice you have 3 or 4 addresses... which one would you prefer the me to link to on FORT Freeware list of "Our Favorite Sites"? I also just mentioned your site in my RSS Feed.. :-)


Thanks for the link and the mention. I've been changing websites far too often. I hope I can stay here for a long time. FortFreeware is a fellow member of the FreewareRevolution and another great place to look for good freeware.

Cleaning up DLL dust bunnies

Eddie wrote to ask ...


Can you recomend a free program that will clean out duplicate dll files on my computer.

I can promise you, you are going to enjoy being a grandpa.


Thanks Eddie, I look forward to being called Grandpa. There are many free duplicate file finder utilities out there. Please give this one a try and let me know how it works for you. I've been hearing that it's popular but I've never tried it myself. http://www.snapfiles.com/get/clonecleanerlite.html


If you want to find DLL files that are not being used by your system, try the AnalogX DLL Archive tool. http://www.analogx.com/contents/download/system/dllarch.htm

Fraud Eliminator is eliminated

Hazie wrote ...


I downloaded FraudEliminator and my computer is acting weird. Most of the sites I try to go to says "cannot find server" or "this page cannot be displayed" and I have to click refresh each time to go where I want to go. I am on wireless and know I am connected cause I can go to other sites. It has also made my computer slower. I went ahead and removed it and now my computer is running great!!!


My wife, Respect2Glory, did an online search and only found one other person who had this problem. The Fraud Eliminator website didn't offer any suggestions on this. I wrote back to Hazie and recommended she try out Me2's SiteVerifyTools, and read up a little about website and email spoofing.

Tranferring from a hard disk to a harder disk

Kim wrote to ask about copying hard disks ...


I am wanting to transfer data from a bad hard drive to a good hard drive. Assuming the data is even retrievable which of these 2 programs would you recommend, or do you have a favorite? These are the 2 i have found that sound pretty good:


Pc to go by digital immigrant

Easy pc transfer by stompsoft


Do you have a review on these? Or do you know of a better program? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Sorry, I've never heard of either one. Both are payware so I'd never use them. The closest thing I've used to this type of software is a small program called xxcopy. http://www.xxcopy.com/


There's a free version of xxcopy and it can create a duplicate of the old hard drive on the new one if I'm not mistaken. Xxcopy is a command line program. If you aren't familiar with using this type of program, maybe you'd be better off with something else.


If you want a program with a GUI or graphical user interface, then check out these programs at Snapfiles.com. Look in the Disk Tools and Backup Tools. http://www.snapfiles.com/Freeware/categories/14/

Making your virtual world bigger

Kim wrote this later ...


Is there such a device as a magnifier similar to the glare reducer screens that are mounted on the monitor? My mother is 80 yrs old and would love to have something like this and i can't find anything even similar. Do they even make a device like this? I have checked with tiger direct and a few random searches on the net and come up empty. Got any ideas?


I've never heard of a monitor magnifier. There is a magnification program in Windows that can help.

See http://www.microsoft.com/enable/training/default.aspx for more ideas on how to make it easier for Grandma to use the PC.


If any of you out there have found a good solution to reading a computer screen when you have poor eyesight, EmailClif to tell me about it.

Scotty! The shields are down!

StevenBurn, webmaster of http://it-mate.co.uk wrote to warn me of a possible security issue at pbwiki. Do to his report, the security here has been upgraded. It wasn't a serious issue but David here at pbwiki jumped right on it. Much thanks Steven and David, you couldn't have better friends on the internet, unless you paid them. LOL

To everyone: I like getting messages from you. Don't hesitate to EmailClif with your comments.