Feedback and other Stuff - September 4, 2005


Starwars Wedding - love, honor, and draw your light saber

CyberGuide sent me this link. If you've ever thought about a theme for your wedding, be sure to check this one out.

Popping headers on POP3 email

Yinony wrote to ask: I'm looking for a free utility that downloads only the mail headers from the mail servers so you can delete unwanted mails. Can you suggest of any?


I once used a program called eprompter. Look here for this and many other similar programs:

Freeware Arena Face-lift update from last week

Scott wrote: Just wanted to check in and let you know my site is relaunched and I have corrected my links for your site on mine (updated them that is).


Wow! The top banner really jumps out at you. I like the new rounded corners (XP look?). Thanks for updating the newsletter link. I'll be sure to tell my readers to give you a lookup. Best of all, I can always count on you to have the best clean freeware.

Publisher is warned update from last week

Based on what Brian wrote, and what I found myself, I wrote this to the webmaster at Freeware Publishing Site.


Why are these at your site?


"3d Waterfall Screensaver"


and "rotect Anti-Spyware 1.0"


The screensaver is shareware according to it's license agreement. The anti-spyware app is ZoneProtect and is listed at SpywareWarrior's Rogue antispyware page.


I hope he has a good explanation. I haven't heard back from him yet.

Windows Care or don't care?

BillAllin wrote to ask me if I'd ever tried Advanced Windows Care 1.21.


I wrote this back: It does sound interesting. I'd be totally amazed if it was able to do what it claims. Most of the programs I see like that one leave a bad taste in the mouths of those having tried them.


I later checked at's user reviews. It didn't look that great. Some people loved it and some hated it. Use this one at your own extreme risk. Sorry Bill, I ain't touchin' this one.

Transparencies are not so transparent

Zaffar in Pakistan asked me: I have very old 35 mm colour transparencies and would like to save them to digital photos. Is there any way I can do it with the help of some software ? I have an Acer scanner with me...


I was asking myself, what does Zaffar really need? He's already got the slides and the scanner. Are you asking me what my favorite photo cataloging tool is? So, far ...


Picasa by Google. It's free and offers a ton of tools to adjust the look and feel of your photo's. It also integrates with Google's Gmail, so that you can pick out photos and email them to friends with just a couple mouse clicks.

Spyware in the newsletter?

Brian, an ever vigilant reader tells me: I was browsing the past letters and found an item on the 7-03-04 page called Ram Medic that you use for your Windows ME, hopefully you have XP by now. Anyway I installed it and found the following... Installs PC Medic on the desktop after you run the program and installs spyware called Effective Inc. that was found by Trend Micro Spyware remover. I did not see anything in the accept terms notice.


It used to be a good program. It looks like they updated the program at Iomatic and made the program trialware. In other words they ruined it. I did find the older freeware version at Snapfiles. Here's an updated review. I also fixed the link in the old newsletter, but it needs a lot more work to fix broken images.

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