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Feedback and other Stuff - August 28, 2005


JimiPocius wrote me to recommend two freeware programs, ReptileFreeware2 and DrempelsScreenSaver. Thanks Jimi.

Thanks to KW for his feedback on the wiki site. Here's what he said.


I would say you have a winner. The bar is informative and easily navigated. Most definitely like the newsletter. The bigger and brighter makes for easy reading. You have done one fine job putting this together. I can't hardly wait for the christening.

Mike in New Zealand wrote asking for a direct link to AntiVir. I sent him the link and he wrote back.


Thanks for your speedy reply. I have now d/loaded it. I'm still a little mystified as to where you found the download file. I had another look & still couldn't find it..., but I have it now. Looking forward to trying it out.

Thanks to SubHash in India for telling me about his experience with a new instant messenger service from Google called "Google Talk". Here's what he says.


Google Launches Google Talk (GTalk) Instant Messenger

* Google Talk logo good. Theme bad.

* The program has a system tray icon but refuses to leave the taskbar when you minimize it.

* You cannot log out from the main window. You got to use the sytem tray icon menu.

Donald wrote me with a warning and question about Spyware Blaster.


Danger: Spyware Blaster wrecked my Networking Section in WinXP Pro+SP2. I ran SpyBlaster and uninstalled it only to find it messed up the Networking in WinXP Pro+SP2. Could a SP2 reinstall fix the problem: DNS Repair and other Repair functions in XP Pro+SP2 don't work too well now.


I entered a post in the Spyware Blaster support forum and they are still waiting for an answer back from Donald. I don't know how to answer Donald's question but I hope he writes back to let me know if the forum helped. I don't know of anyone else who's had this problem and I still recommend SpywareBlaster.

Ramesh at Ramesh's Windows XP Troubleshooting site wrote to tell me about his other web site.


This is Ramesh again, and WinXPTutor is my another site. Actually I created this site to address XP basics, and other HOWTOs. My other site at windowsxp.mvps.org mostly involves advanced troubleshooting and "case-studies" type articles.


Thanks Ramesh, both of your sites are awsome. I'll see if I can get links to the new site up soon.

Irv wrote me with a problem.


Running XP and can no longer run or find chkdsk. Ran sfc /scannow and tried everything I know of without results. Can u advise. Thank u


I recommended that Irv join the ComputerHelpClub and ask them for help. That's where I go to get help when I can't figure it out on my own.

Kastrin wrote to recommend a free game website. Thanks Kastrin, it looks like a great place.


Take a look at this game site...hours of brain stimulating fun. I particularly like the 2D Tilt Mazes at this link http://www.clickmazes.com/newtilt/ixtilt2d.htm All the mind games are shown at http://www.clickmazes.com Have fun, but I warned you it's very habit forming.

To everyone: I like getting messages from you. Don't hesitate to comment here or EmailClif.