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reviewed by Vic Dura, Nov 2005



Notes from Clif

EssentialPIM is a program for keeping personal information, such as addresses, appointments, notes, and so on. I noticed this program at alt.comp.freeware (ACF) because they were giving away free licenses to their pro version of it as a one day only type of thing. I missed my chance to get a free pro license, but maybe they'll do it again sometime. While there at ACF, I saw Vic mention that he really liked the free LiteWare version and I asked him if he'd write a short review of it. Thanks for writing the following Vic.


Comments from Vic

I'm not very good at writing reviews, but I would like to point out that both the EssentialPIM Freeware (a lite version of the Pro version) and the Pro version itself come in two flavors: DeskTop and Portable. The Portable version of both is what I tried. They do not require an "install" and work well on a USB drive, so you can take it with you.


To use either portable version, just unzip into the desired directory and set up a shortcut to the executable. You can also run it from the command line. While I was waiting for a key to the Pro version, I started using the Freeware version and found that it had all that I needed to replace SideKick99.



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What makes EssentialPIM as an application and EPIM Ltd. as a company different is that every bit of the application is made based upon clients' feedback. EVERY feature of the application has been requested by a user of EPIM and EVERY suggestion is being discussed internally and very often scheduled for quick implementation. Every help request on the forum or via email is being dealt with. Every release is tested by our large team of real-world beta-testers. No SINGLE report of any data loss in release versions. With our focus on real-world users and their needs, you can't go wrong.


Just use it. We will take care of the rest.

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