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Essential PIM - managing your personal info

TipsFromTiffany, Oct 2007, permalink Info Management


Here's a tip from Tiffany:

Hi Clif,


Here's an oldie but goodie that I couldn't find in your freeware archives, so maybe I've finally hit upon something you didn't know about? EssentialPIM is a great personal information manager, calender, scheduler, reminder and so much more. I tried it a few years ago and liked it, but as I'm always trying new things, EssentialPIM became lost in the "maze" on my desktop and eventually forgotten about. Today I learned that there's a new version out, so I tried it and it's absolutely great! There have been a number of improvements since I last tried it, so it's even better now. There is a pro version, but the free version seems to do everything you could possibly want.


SnapFiles gives it 5 stars and many rave reviews; here is a quote from their website:

Our Rating: 5 stars (Excellent)


EssentialPIM is a visual appointment and information manager that allows you to organize your daily, weekly or monthly schedule. It includes an address book to manage your contacts, as well as tree-style notes manager with support for rich text notes. The address book supports pictures and lets you add/remove fields to customize it for your needs. The schedule provides a very convenient way to mark your appointments in different colors, and allows you to simply drag an appointment to reschedule it. EssentialPIM supports single and recurring events, priority settings, color coded categories, completion indicator and reminder alerts. In addition it can export to HTML, RTF and other formats, and supports password protection with strong encryption. A very nice and easy to use PIM, we're quite surprised to find that is is free.


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I think you'll like this one!




Tiffany Cartier



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