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Enigma - game from the 90's

review from TopFreeware, Jan 2007, permalink _ Games


From Tony at topfreeware.net

This is a tribute to and a re-implementation of Oxyd, one of the most original and intriguing computer games of the 1990's. Using your mouse, guide your black marble and touch certain stones to reveal colour symbols, then try to find the matching ones to complete each level.


As you move on, it get's more advanced and other elements are introduced in order to complete the levels. While you are playing, tips are also displayed in the the bottom window to help you.


It comes with a helpful manual and you can also create your own levels if you wish.


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Quote from the website

Enigma is widely considered one of the most addictive, polished and free puzzle games. Don't believe us? Here's what some of our users think:


  • That cunning little game seems determined to steal what sanity and free time I have left. Entirely too much fun!
  • I play Enigma since few days, and I would like to thanks all the team for making such a good game, with no bug, great graphics, very tought levels ;), and incredible playability.
  • These games are so good that I cannot understand why they are not sold commercially. Anyhow, I am pleased they exist.I will watch your progress on your homepage. It must be a huge challenge to create such perfect games.
  • Enigma is the most fun game I have ever played.
  • Thanks for writing such a fun and exciting game. I just love puzzle games, and this is one of the best I've seen.


ENIGMA http://www.nongnu.org/enigma/download.html