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emailStripper - stop forwarding ugly mail

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reviewed by ClifNotes on 8/30/05


Aren't you tired of getting forwarded email with lots of >>> characters in it. Sometimes they are nearly impossible to read. Try copying and pasting that email into emailStripper. Click on the Stripit button and suddenly it's easy to read again. Sometimes the very best freeware is the little tool that does it's job and nothing else. This is one of those tools. Thanks to JeanInMontana for reminding me about it.


Note: Don't keep forwarding email. Use a tool like emailStripper to clean it up and paste it into a fresh new email before you send it to your friends. Always remember to use the BCC field when you send to a group of people. For more information, see ClifsEmailRant.


Quote from Papercut.biz - emailStripper is a free program for cleaning the ">" and other formatting characters out of your emails. It will restore "forwarded" or "replied" emails back to their original state so they're easier to read. It's simple to use, and best of all it's FREE!


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