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EditPad Lite - a text editor with valuable extras

review from ClifNotes, Mar 2005, permalink, _ Text Editors


I first tried this LiteWare program about three years ago. It's been revised and improved since then. I was reminded about EditPad Lite while reading my friend Brett Christensen's Hoax-Slayer newsletter. He uses the pro version, but for most of us, the added pro features aren't needed.


(Clif - Mar 2005)

Do you need a notepad editor with a little extra kick? I do, and I use EditPad Lite. Earlier today I opened over 400 html files all at the same time and did multiple search and replace operations. I wasn't worried about making mistakes because of EditPad's unlimited undo features. EditPad has nearly all the features I could want.


Quote from the website

EditPad Lite is a general-purpose text editor, designed to be small and compact, yet offer all the functionality you expect from a basic text editor. EditPad Lite works with Windows NT4, 98, 2000, ME and XP.


EditPad Lite is free for non-commercial use. That is, you may use EditPad Lite if you do not get paid, directly or indirectly, for the work you do with EditPad Lite. Registered charities may also use EditPad Lite.