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EasyOffice - the other MSOffice alternative

Website - NagWare Free-for-personal-use

reviewed by JohnHood, Jan 2006



Review by John Hood


Review Date: Jan-2005 First Listed: Nov-2003 License:



Interface = 8.0

Features = 9.0

Stability = 9.0

Help/Support = 8.5

Versatility = 8.0

Average Rating = 8.5 (Of The 4 Programs I Reviewed)


EasyOffice has undergone a major update. If you didn't like it, try it again. This is what Microsoft Office should be, and could be if they stayed out of court.


Plusses - It's got features enough to run a small business. Mail, calendar, contact manager with history and reminders (the only place you are going to find this feature for free), database rapid developer (ditto) and spreadsheet. There is a business report module that is unique to the suite. You can generate cash flow, AR AP reports painlessly. The suite is as compatible with MS as OpenOffice. Email support is prompt, helpful and free. Get this: even the error messages are in plain English! A lot of thought and care went into this suite. DO NOT purchase MSOffice products until you check this out.


Minuses - It gets dinged for having a fairly large nag screen. This goes away with payment of $59. The calendar is not sharable, which takes it down in my view.

Visit Website = http://www.e-press.com/downloads_freeware.asp



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Easy Office 9.0 is loaded with all of the following programs.


EasyMail, EasyAntiVirus, EasyWord, EasyGraphicsSuite2, EasyMailServer, EasyWebpageCreator, EasyWebCapture, EasyVoIP, EasyPad, EasyDiagram, EasyNewsReader, ~EasyFTP, EasySpreadsheet, EasySpeaker, ~EasyIM, EasySpreadSheet2, EasyImage, EasySpeller, EasyTranslator, EasyCustomInstaller, EasyVoiceRecognition, EasyThesaurus, ~EasyFTP, EasyGraphicsSuite, EasyDatabase, EasyZip, ~EasySVGViewer, EasyProject, EasyPresentation, EasyBackup, EasyDataRemover, EasyOpen, EasyContactManager, EasyCalculator, EasyFileEncryption, EasyBookkeeper, EasyCalendar, EasyFileSynch, EasyFileCleaner, EasyBarCode.