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Dunscraft's Bird Search - bird watching made easy

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reviewed by ClifNotes & AuntySpamsNetPatrol on 8/31/05


Here's a cool website that is featured at Aunty Spams website. She's picked a winner. I've always loved watching birds. That's probably because my uncle and father were both birdwatchers and they used to take me with them sometimes. I tried out the website and even though I thought it was a bit slow, I had no trouble identifying birds using the system they have laid out for us.


Quote from Aunty Spam - Bird watching and identification has never been easier! Duncraft, the bird feed and feeding experts, have just unveiled a free online search engine, linked to a database of hundreds of wild birds of North America. Entirely picture-based, you just click on the various attributes which identify your bird in question, and by process of elimination, voila, you end up identifying your bird.

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