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Dr. Windows - good for a few smiles

Website - Freeware joke program

reviewed by Giorgos, December 2005

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From Giorgos

Excellent fun program and a security suite against stress. This app doesn't require the free registration at the forum, which is required by most of the DonationCoder programs, although I can't see the reason why anyone wouldn't want to join the forum community.


Try to activate Dr. Windows, or try to enter a registration key. It's self cracking. :-) I have to go now. Dr. Windows informs me that I have to refill my cup of coffee.






Quote from DonationCoder

Dr.Windows protects your computer against common errors.


Actually.. that's not true.


Dr.Windows is really a harmless joke/prank/trick program that will periodically display funny joke error messages to unsuspecting users.


Use it to play jokes on your family members - just don't be too cruel, or they'll come blaming us when they figure it out.


Comes with over 50 fun dialogs, but the main fun is making your own!