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DoubleDriver - backing up your device drivers

review by Deborah, Jul 2006


Richard wrote me to tell me about some of the cool freeware his wife found.


Hi Clif,


My wife found several freeware programs. She put together these info's. I haven't had a chance to dig into them yet, but I'll take her word that they function as advertised. I see she installed Shrink Pic - however, it appears it doesn't work with incredimail.




There comes a time when you will have to reinstall Windows. DoubleDriver can save a lot of aggravation looking around for hardware device drivers. Have you misplaced that driver disk that came with your PC (if you even got one)? You're going to be really happy with this program. DoubleDriver is very easy to use - it will scan your system for all currently installed drivers, provides a list, backs them up, and stores them in folders with recognizable names, like HP- Printer, USB MODEM DRIVERS, NVIDIA Graphics Drivers, etc. Nothing's more exasperating than clicking on folders with names like "N234214B" and guessing it holds the drivers you're looking for. Before you do a backup using DoubleDriver, make sure all your hardware is working properly and all your drivers are installed correctly. It's important to keep in mind it doesn't do you any good unless you create a backup copy.

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Download freeware: http://www.boozet.org/dd.htm


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