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Play Doom, Hexen and Heretic in your web browser

Posted by ClifNotes, May 2009, permalink Games


I can recall when these games arrived on the scene. Doom first appeared in 1993 and DOS was the operating system. These games were that made FPS (first person shooter) games popular. I was never a big fan of Doom, but I remember playing Hexen for hours.


Some mad hacker has ported these games into Flash 10 so that you can play them in your web browser. These are the old games so you won't be impressed with the graphics, but you could sure waste some time on them if you feel they offer a challenge. 


Be sure to read about the control key settings below before you fire them up. I didn't read them and died very quickly the first round.


Quote from the website

Doom, Heretic, and Hexen -- The demo version of three remarkable games are now playable in your browser!



If the game doesn't display, update your Flash Player here:

http://www.adobe.com/go/g etflash


try clicking POP-UP to open the game in its own window.

This will especially help Safari Mac users!

Unfortunately, this game will NOT work on PowerPC Macs.


W, A, S, D - movement

Click screen + drag or LEFT/RIGHT ARROWS - turn

SPACE - fire

R - use door/switch

SHIFT - run

ESCAPE - menu

TAB - map

NUMBER KEYS - change weapon

[ and ] - cycle through inventory (Heretic/Hexen only)

ENTER - use inventory item (Heretic/Hexen only)

Q - Jump (Heretic/Hexen only)

You can also customize the keys in the Controls menu!

Note that the medals will NOT unlock if you use cheat codes

Play Doom / Hexen / Heretic