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DonationCoder Newsletter - awesome

review from ClifNotes, Jul 2007, permalink Cool Website


I've been a member at DonationCoder for a long time. Why do I go there? It's an awesome website for getting information and help with software. Take a look at this small snippet from their most recent newsletter. I'm sure there is something here that will get your curiousity going.


Quote from the newsletter


  • RegexBuddy 3 released
  • RSS readers: Omea Pro, Feeddemon, RSS Bandit, Greatnews, others?
  • I will kill thee a 150 ways...freely
  • Expand my desktop size above my maximum screen resolution?
  • Custom Folder v1.2
  • How can I save a Quicktime Movie I watch on the internet to my computer
  • Automee - Really neat
  • Clipboard Text Scrubber
  • "XPLinux" Running Windows XP and Kubuntu on one joint desktop
  • LocatePC: Free Theft Recovery Software For Your PC
  • What do you use to keep track of your installed software?
  • Automatic Reg Key Backup
  • Stop Windows from calling home
  • Ultra Explorer; I am impressed!
  • Hibernate, damit! or a nice tool called wizmo...
  • Free Photoscape: 5 stars from Snapfiles
  • Ditto: yet another free clipboard manager
  • Excalibur 32-bit
  • A question about DRM
  • Audio Editors?
  • ONLINE RSS Reader?
  • Deleting files from DVD/CD?
  • Multisession burning?
  • Detecting RootKits
  • Which MP3 player/management software do you use?
  • Software to AVOID!
  • Best PC User Time Controller?
  • Best spreadsheet
  • FolderScout: quick drive navigator
  • Links collector
  • Remove duplicate songs (mp3/ogg)