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Why does the DocPad website have a bad SA rating?

by ClifNotes, Nov 2006, permalink


Why does the DocPad website have a bad SiteAdvisor rating? I can tell you in three words. Guilt by association.


SiteAdvisor saw these links at the Gammadyne (DocPad) website and figured that they have some bad friends.


click to expand


Do you see the websites with the red X through them? It sure looks like the webmaster of Gammadyne wanted to show links to all of the shareware sites that gave him an award. The webmaster thought that people would come to the website and see these and think: Gee whiz! Look at all the awards! This DocPad program must be totally awesome! Since some of these links are to websites that are not trustworthy, what do you think SiteAdvisor will do? Yes, you guessed it. Guilt by association.



If the webmaster would remove the links to these websites, he might find that his SA rating will turn green the next time SA drops by to check on him.


Maybe someone should write him? LOL