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DizzyWood - virtual play-world for kids

Notes from ClifNotes, Feb 2008, permalink Games


I keep an eye out for new web startups. This one, DizzyWood, recently won a received $1 million in investor funding, so I imagine they'll be around awhile. I've done a little research and it looks to be a safe moderated environment for kids to have fun in. I especially liked their advice for parents about kids online.


Dizzywood is free to play, but plans to offer subscriptions for premium items ...


Quote from the website

Our aim is to create a web site for kids that inspires a sense of imagination, discovery, exploration, and most of all, fun. Frankly, when we took a good look at what was already out there, we felt that kids deserved a lot better. Our hope is that through a commitment to quality storytelling, creative vision, and technological innovation, Dizzywood.com will deliver an outstanding entertainment experience for young people that inspires the imagination in a safe environment. Our goal is to be the most popular web destination for kids in the 8-12 age range. It's a lofty goal, to be sure, but we're all about dreaming big.