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Diskeeper Lite - free disk defragger

Download - Freeware

reviewed by ClifNotes, June 2004, Feb 2006




You should defrag your PC fairly often to help Windows run faster and make your hard drives last longer. I used to have problems getting Windows defrag to work properly and when it did, it took hours to defrag my drives. I've been using Diskeeper Lite on my older PC's for at least two years now. Diskeeper Lite is much faster and it will run even while you are out surfing or checking email.


I must warn you against using it on Windows XP. The home page says Diskeeper Lite will run on every Windows version except Win95. I've seen several times where running this program on WinXP disabled Windows defrag and Diskeeper Lite both. You actually don't need this program on XP anyway. The WinXP defrag is actually a custom version Diskeeper. Microsoft liked Diskeeper so much they bought the right to use it.



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Quote from Diskeeper

Diskeeper Lite, the freeware download that educated millions on the advantages of eliminating fragmentation and increasing system performance, is back in a new improved version. Diskeeper Lite is still manual operation only but this version includes the same advanced defragmentation technology used in Diskeeper 7.0 and it runs on all Windows operating systems from 98 through XP. Download it now here.