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Seagate DiscWizard - is it a free copy of Acronis True Image?

Posted by ClifNotes, Oct 2008, permalink Backup Tools


Somewhere, I read that Seagate's Disc Wizard is a free tool that is really a branded version of the payware Acronis True Image. The Acronis software is one of the most popular ways to backup a PC. I see it recommended on many of the sites I visit.


I have a new hard drive that I want to use in my PC. I want to make a full backup of my current hard drive so that I can copy it onto my new hard drive. I wondered if Disc Wizard would do that for me.


I downloaded Disc Wizard and installed it. I created the required boot CD with it's own copy of Disc Wizard. Shortly after it booted, I was informed that Disc Wizard would only work if I had a Seagate Disc in my PC. The program abruptly quit and left me with a dark screen.


Am I disappointed? Sure, I was hoping for an easy fix. Does anyone out there have a nice free disk image program they'd like to recommend to me? If you do, be sure to comment below.


Disc Wizard isn't exactly like having Acronis True Image. However, if you only use Seagate disks, you'll be happy to have it.


I did find that Acronis sometimes offers a free license for older versions of True Image. The do this through partner deals with other web services. Here is the latest offer I've seen, thanks to the CoolSitesNewsletter. The offer is for True Image 8, which normally costs thirty to fifty US dollars.


Note: This offer will expire soon, as they all do. It also requires registration at the Acronis site.

Free Acronis True Image: http://www.acronis.co.uk/mag/cbuy/ati8pe/


Quote from the MegaLeecher website:

Acronis True image is a popular hard-drive cloning/backup software with a high price tag, however you can get a re-branded version of True Image with the name DiscWizard as a free legal download from the Seagate website.


Note: This program requires an installed Seagate hard disk