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Digital Clip Factory - easy to use photo to video tool

Posted by ClifNotes, Feb 2009, permalink Video Editing Tools


A few weeks ago, I mentioned some programs that I wanted to try but hadn't had time. I was hoping to find out if you had tried them and would tell us what you thought.


Jimbo has stepped up to the plate with more than just a comment. Here is a nicely done full review of Digital Clip Factory. As a bonus, after the review, you can see the video that Jimbo made using this tool.


Quote from Jimbo:

Despite some earlier reservations I must say, after trying it out, I am overall quite impressed with this slideshow maker from Dunes MultiMedia.

Digital Clip Factory does not include lots of features and options. If you prefer a wider range of control over your slideshow compilations then this may not suit you, but if it's an easy 2 click solution you are after, Digital Clip Factory is well worth a look.


DCF includes the terrific “Ken Burns’ motion effects and quite a good range of options for video, including; adjust display length for each slide, adjust transition time/zooming and output quality. Audio options, however, appear to be non-existent. I could find no way to sync the audio track with the video display, no fade-in nor fade-out and no help on these matters. There are no help files included with the program and it appears any assistance is restricted to the meagre information on DCF’s home page. That said, the GUI is clear and pretty much self explanatory. Also, after selecting an audio track which was slightly longer duration than the video display I did notice, on play back, that they both finished at the same time….so I guess the program must include some kind of auto sync function for longer audio tracks.


For purposes of testing I processed 22 photos (total size 35mb) using DCF’s pre-loaded settings (at 75% quality) which took around 2 minutes to produce a good quality .wmv video file (size 34.7mb). I did experiment with the program’s ‘Fast’ setting (the lowest quality and smallest output file size) but the quality was very poor. I’m sure that with a little playing most would find a happy medium.


After my brief testing of DCF I can report a couple of traps for first time users:

1)Audio does not play when using the ‘Preview’ function. Don’t worry, the audio will be there when the finished file is played.

2)When first opening the program each time, it remains unresponsive for several seconds until a ‘Donate’ button appears at the bottom of the window.




Download file size1.12mb
Installed size3.06mb (version on Vista)
Uninstaller includedYes
Help files includedNo
Other requirements (e.g. .net)None
Output file formatWMV
Operating SystemXP*,Vista


  • I could find no information on the publisher’s site as to which operating systems are supported but a quick look around the net suggests that DCF supports Windows XP and Vista only.


There are undoubtedly more advanced free slideshow makers around but DCF’s simplicity and ease of use would make it an appealing option for many.




And here's what you've been waiting for ...

Jimbo's video featuring some spectacular views of Tasmania