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Dexpot - up to 20 virtual desktops

Posted by ClifNotes, Jan 2009, permalink Desktop Tools


Lately I've been reading a bit about multiple monitors. I'd love to be able to use more than one monitor here at home, but I use a laptop and I don't use a desk that I can place extra monitors on. I've got the space to use them at work but with today's economic outlook, I don't expect to see an extra monitor anytime soon.


If you can't afford extra monitors or simply can't find room for them, a virtual desktop (VD) application may be useful for you. Virtual desktops are more or less copies of your current desktop that you can view different applications in. They aren't as handy as having multiple monitors but they are the next best option.


I've tried quite a few different virtual desktop applications over the years. The Dexpot application is one of the most feature rich that I've used. My favorite feature is it's ability to change the icons that are displayed on each desktop. That's something you'll rarely find in a free virtual desktop application.


There's also a portable version of Dexpot available and I always prefer those over installed versions.


Here are some other virtual desktop apps I've featured in newsletters.





Quote from the website

Dexpot 1.4 turns your monitor into up to 20. It creates and manages virtual desktops and enables you to work far more efficiently and comfortably with many simultaneously opened windows on Windows 95/98/ME and NT4/2000/XP/2003/Vista (incl. x64).