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Deskwin - Multiple Desktops at Once

a review from John Hood's The Best of Free Software


Review Date: Oct-2004 License: Freeware Special Note: Greenware (No installation required)

Interface = 8.0

Features = 8.0

Stability = 8.0

Help/Support 6.0

Versatility = 10.0

Average Rating = 8.0 (Of The 5 Programs I Reviewed)


Gives you 4 desktops where you had just one. Microsoft has multi-desk freeware but without the features and stability. Cool concept, well executed. Great for people who "multi-task."

Deskwin website


Plusses - No installation required. Run the file to turn it on, exit to turn it off. You can move open windows between them by dragging and dropping.


Minuses - The default colors are ugly, but that's it.


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