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Desktop Calendar - sits right up front for easy access

Posted by ClifNotes, July 2008, permalink Notes and Reminders


Don't ever say I don't listen to you when you comment here. Just because I didn't reply doesn't mean I didn't hear you. This is a recommendation from my 2007 Battle of the Calendars post.


One fellow wrote in a glowing comment about the free calendar he uses.


Quote from Marty

I've used the free version of Desktop Calendar for many years and find it's just right. Completely customizable in color and features, it allows editing for all appointments and things to remember and when you boot up in the morning it presents itself onscreen with the day's messages. Allows you to maintain year to year dates such as birthdays, etc. Can be dragged anywhere on desktop and minimized to system tray. Atomic clock runs on top bar. This one has it all.

Marty Kastriner


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Quote from the website

Organize your life! Never forget a birthday or anniversary ever again! This simple, easy to use calendar sits right on your Windows Desktop for quick and direct access to your daily events. DOWNLOAD it now! You'll wonder how you ever lived without it!