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Desktop Architect - Windows theme manager

ClifNotes, Oct 2006, permalink _ Desktop Tools


Someone recently wrote in and asked me if there were any good free Windows theme managers around. So far, Desktop Architect (DA) is the only decent one I've found. I'm not sure who the author of DA is but I've found that the closest thing to a home for DA is at:



Quote from ThemeDoctor

The best of the best little desktop theme tools all wrapped up into one great program. Other than the fact that it's FREE, the outstanding features are just too numerous to list every one here. After extensively testing Desktop Architect's nearly limitless features in comparison with Microsoft Plus!, here are just a few of the remarkable options you'll have with this updated version.


I tried it out and it sure does have some nice features. I also found that it doesn't always work very well with Windows XP. I did see a very imposing looking theme manager at GeorgesFreeware. I looked it over and I figured it'd be pretty complicated to use. See UxThemeMultiPatcher.


Has anyone else found a good free theme manager?