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Deskloops - better than ALT-TAB, but has adware

review from ClifNotes, Nov 2006, permalink _ Not recommended


Not recommended

Deskloops looks like a very good alternative to using ALT-TAB or your taskbar to look for the window you want, but I may never know how good it is.


I was recently going through some old email and found where someone mentioned the Deskloops program. Deskloops may have been freeware at one time, but it's now bundled with something called Miva Search Engine. I did some digging and found out that it's not a dangerous add-on but it has a less than stellar reputation. Miva used to be called FindWhat and Wayne Porter at SpywareGuide wrote about them in May of last year.


I didn't install Deskloops. I read the EULA and it did disclose the additional bundled application. I'm happy to see more software using the disclosures honestly, but I'm still not going to use the software. I'm sure that you could uninstall the Miva software but I don't recommend installing it to begin with. For now I'll stick with VisualTaskTips.





Quote from the website

Imagine yourself at the center of a virtual loop where all the windows you use are spread out around you. Whichever window you need to view can be centered in front of you with a click of a button.


Take this idea and zoom into your pc environment. With Deskloops, all the windows you have open are aligned side by side in a loop-like order. No more countless windows arranged one on top of the other in a confusing manner. You can access all the information you need and navigate through it easily.