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DeepBurner - create usable CDs, not drink coasters

Notes from ClifNotes, Jan 2008, permalink CD-DVD Burning Tools


Here's a recent review from John Hood's website:

It's been a few months since I've visited John's website. He's switched his site over to using TiddlyWiki as a publishing tool. It's a nice easy tool to use and John has done a super job using it. You certainly won't find many sites like his. He's honest to the point of being blunt and he always has your best interests in mind when he publishes a recommendation.



John H., 20 January 2008 (created 20 January 2008)


Pluses - - burn data CDs/ DVDs - burn audio CDs - create and burn ISO images - bootable CD/DVD support. All of this is easy to find and execute, and not one coaster created.

Minuses - - The default setup has the file explorer window and the burn control window on top of each other. Changing it to "cascade" or "Tile vertically" helps this.




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Quote from the website

Currently, there are two versions of the program: DeepBurner Pro and DeepBurner Free. Both of these versions provide high quality CD/DVD burning for everyday and special needs. However, the Pro version has some additional, advanced features. This comparison table will show you which version of DeepBurner would suit you better.


Features DB Pro DB Free
Burn data CDs/DVDs Yes Yes
Burn AudioCDs Yes Yes
Create and burn ISO images Yes Yes
Bootable CD/DVD support Yes Yes
Disk-to-disk copy Yes No
Burn Video DVDs Yes No
Backup utility Yes No
Burn photo albums Yes No
Burning from the command line Yes No
Drive and media restoration/information utility Yes No