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db4 Font Viewer - fast, small and handy

review from ClifNotes, May 2007, permalink Font Management


db4 Font Viewer is a small stand-alone utility for helping you to view and manage your hundreds of installed Windows fonts. I tried this the other day and I was surprised to see the amount and variety of fonts that I have on my PC.


It's simple to use and it doesn't need to be installed. Just unzip it and run it.


Quote from the website

dp4 Font Viewer is a standalone font viewer that enables you to browse all installed system fonts. You can preview the fonts by ASCII character range, type your own sample text or load a text file to preview how the selected font is rendered. In addition, you can preview fonts from any given folder without having to install them ...



Sometimes the built in font viewer in Windows is good enough for what you need. It also lets you copy the characters into a small buffer. To use it, just choose "Start" "Run" and type in "charmap" then press enter.