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CubicExplorer - doing what Windows explorer should do

review by ClifNotes, Oct 2006, permalink File Management


Windows Explorer is what we all use to see our files because it's there. It's always been there and we're used to it. You might want to try CE (CubicExplorer) out just to see what we've always been missing. CE has taken many of the ideas that we use all of the time in advanced web browsers, and placed the same time saving functionality into a file browser. Features such as tabbed views, bookmarks, and more are what makes it real improvement over Windows Explorer. I've only tried it for a short time, but I was immediately impressed by it's easy to use interface. The only trick I couldn't figure out was how to open up text files in it's built in text viewer. After consulting the very nice help file, I found that you simply highlight the file you wish to view and center click (press down on the mouse wheel). Not only does the built in viewer open text files, but if you use it on HTML files, it highlights all of the tags for you. This is nice little quick editing tool for the webmasters out there.


Have fun!


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CubicExplorer is a file manager/browser software application. It's designed to be easy to use, yet powerful enough to handle multiple directories at the same time. It features tabbed browsing, and has a built-in text editor which has highlighters for many different file types.


Freeware, most versions of Windows, 2.4mb