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CrossLoop - share your computer screen with a friend

tip, Dec 2006, permalink _ Remote Computing


Mike writes in with something I may try out sometime. Keep in mind, this is a brand new beta service. Even McAfee SiteAdvisor hasn't rated the site yet.


From Mike

Haven’t checked it out yet…



Mike @ Carputers.net



Quote from the website

What is CrossLoop?


CrossLoop is a FREE secure screen sharing utility designed for people of all technical skill levels. CrossLoop extends the boundaries of traditional screen sharing by enabling non-technical users to get connected from anywhere on the Internet in seconds without changing any firewall or router settings. It only takes a few minutes to setup and no signup is required.





Feedback from Crossloop

from ClifNotes, Dec 2006, permalink _ Remote Computing


One of the folks from CrossLoop commented here and I asked for a few details. Mrinal replied back with the following:


Quote from Mrinal

Thanks for getting back to me Clif. Here are a few things you may or may not



  1. The 12 digit access code is generated randomly each time one runs the app for security purposes
  2. One can choose any code they wish and share it with the other person. The code has to be at least 8 characters with one numeric value in it. It does not accept any easy combinations like 123456789 etc. We recommend using the randomly generated code since otherwise it can compromise the security
  3. All sessions are encrypted with 128 bit blowfish technology - so it is private and secure
  4. Our server only makes the connection and after that the session is P2P
  5. The software, as is, will always be free. We may add premium features/services at a nominal fee to sustain ourselves.


That is about it Clif - we have intentionally kept it simple and easy to use for ANYONE.


I would strongly suggest that you and your users subscribe to our blog for new developments, releases and details. It is at ...



Please feel free to email me anytime if you have more questions or suggestions - I am always available :)





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