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Clipperz - keep it to yourself

review from ClifNotes, May 2007, permalink Password Manager


Last week, I mentioned PassPack, an online service that securely stores your website logins for you online. Apparently some people other than my fine subscribers read these articles occasionally. Imagine my surprise when I read a comment from the co-founder of a competing service.


From Marco:

If you are going to use multiple strong and complex passwords you can't remember all of them and you definitely need a password manager.


Clipperz is an online password manager that can do much more than simply storing your passwords.

- direct login to online services

- offline version

- bookmarklet for quick data entering

- ...


Clipperz can be used to store and freely organize any kind of confidential textual information, such as passwords, confidential notes, burglar alarm codes, credit and debit card details, PINs, software keys, and so on.

Clipperz is free and completely anonymous.


Clipperz lets you submit confidential information into your browser, but your data are locally encrypted by the browser itself before being uploaded.


The key for the encryption process is a passphrase known only to you.

Clipperz simply hosts your sensitive data in encrypted form and could never actually access the data in its plain form.


For any further information refer to our website: http://www.clipperz.com.



Clipperz co-founder


Marco, thank you for the comment. Your short message did fail to mention something about your product that some of us may find very useful. Clipperz can be downloaded and run as an "offline service". If I'm not mistaken, this means we don't have to worry about always contacting the mother ship for the password data.