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ClipMarks - Firefox addin for socially ranked web clippings

review from CyberGuide, Dec 2006, permalink _ Browser Tools


From Zia's CyberGuide



While discovering the delights of Firefox add-ons, I came accross this interresting web research tool. There are a dozen of sites like this one but what attracted me was its integration into Firefox, enabbling me to instantly copy, store and retrieve information from the web (pix, text, html) from the browser...lovely stuff!


Quote from the website

How is Clipmarks different from other social media sites?

What makes the content on Clipmarks unique is that instead of posting links to entire web pages, our clipping tool lets users extract pieces of compelling content from within pages and post those select pieces for everyone to see. Only clips that are under 2,000 characters can get on the Clipmarks homepage.





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