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Clipboard Danger - is Internet Explorer spying on you?

Clipboard Test - Security tip

Reviewed by Respect2Glory




Here's an EASY FIX for another Windows security issue, that you probably didn't know existed until now. (Man, are we tired of seeing these!) This test definitely concerned me when I realize how often I change some of my passwords using copy/paste functions.


When you copy text - it's saved in your windows clipboard. So, the last thing you copy (including passwords and credit card numbers) is up for grabs at the first website loaded with javascript that is setup to nab it.


Safeguard your system by changing a few Internet Options. First, visit WorldStart.com and take this test. Follow the instructions to fix this issue, then retake the test to make sure your clipboard can't be stolen.



Quote from WorldStart.com

Is Your Clipboard Giving You Away?


Have you ever copied a password, bank account number, credit card, or other sensitive information to your windows clipboard? If so, you may be putting yourself at risk!


How so?


With just a single line of JavaScript, a malicious website can grab the info that's on your Windows Clipboard. Oh, and JavaScript isn't the only way - several other languages can be made to do similar things.


So, do you want to test and see if you're susceptible to this? It's easy enough. Copy a line or two of text from this article - or anywhere else. Once you have it, just click the link below to see if your clipboard info can be stolen: