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  • Finally, you can manage your Google Docs, uploads, and email attachments (plus Dropbox and Slack files) in one convenient place. Claim a free account, and in less than 2 minutes, Dokkio (from the makers of PBworks) can automatically organize your content for you.



Newsletter Archive - Reviews Archive - Subscribe to the newsletter  

Welcome to Clif Notes Newsletter

October 9, 2005


Hi everyone. Thanks to all you readers out there, FreewareWiki is now ad-free! This website is one of the biggest and busiest sites at pbwiki.com. The administrators here at pbwiki noticed that some of you have signed up for their free pbwiki's and they gave me a free premium account. I love free stuff, and if you have friends that like free stuff, be sure to tell them to sign up for the newsletter.

I hope you enjoy this week's letter. Be sure to email me for advice or to yell at me for messing up.





CutePDF Writer - Create PDF documents on the fly

Website - Freeware

reviewed by ClifNotes on 10/05/05



I've been using this freeware PDF creator at home and at work for nearly a year now. CutePDF creates an extra printer on your system. When you want to create a PDF file you just print to the new CutePDF printer and it creates the new PDF file. This works in any application that you can print from. The ability to create PDF's on the fly is really handy for me. I don't print stuff out very often anymore. I just create PDF's and store them on my computer until I need them. I can print them to paper whenever I need them, or I can email them to friends and business associates.



You will need to install Ghostscript before you install CutePDF. You can get the free GNU Ghostscript 7.06 here.



Portable Document Format (PDF) is the de facto standard for the secure and reliable distribution and exchange of electronic documents and forms around the world. CutePDF Writer (formerly CutePDF Printer) is the free version of commercial PDF creation software. CutePDF Writer installs itself as a "printer subsystem". This enables virtually any Windows applications (must be able to print) to create professional quality PDF documents - with just a push of a button! FREE for personal and commercial use! No watermarks! No Popup Web Ads!


ExplorerXP - giving up on Windows Explorer

Website - Freeware

comments by ClifNotes and rrtwister at DonationCoder on 10/04/05


Notes from Clif

Last week I was looking through the most recent additions to some of the freeware websites and I ran across an alternative file browser called ExplorerXP. It looked very nice but I can't try it on my WindowsME machine. I bookmarked it and thought I might try it later on another PC I have here at home.


Sometimes coincidence plays a big role here at my newsletter. A day later I was in the DonationCoder forums looking around. I found a person there who was describing how he'd found the same program and was using it now. So, here are the comments of rrtwister, a member in good standing at the DonationCoder forums.


Review by rrtwister

I am not sure if most people still use Windows Explorer, but I gave up on it some time ago. I found an app called ExplorerXP at http://www.explorerxp.com/ that is fast and free. I had found that regardless of my preference settings with Windows, some folders were still hidden by Windows Explorer. Not so with ExplorerXP. As the name implies, this app is only designed for Win XP/2000.


This is the first of the replacements I have used for Windows Exploder. I needed to delete a file that was in a protected directory that Exploder would not even allow me to see. After looking around for a couple of hours, ExplorerXP seemed to have the capabilities I needed. I think one of the best features I found with it is the tabbed interface that also remembers the directories that you were in, unless of course you close out of that directory. Since I started using ExplorerXP, I really have not found anything it is lacking that would prompt me to look to replace it.



Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

click to expand


Quote from ExplorerXP

ExplorerXP is a very fast, small, compact and innovative FREEWARE (for non - commercial use) file manager for Windows 2000/XP. Unlike the regular Windows Explorer, it displays the total size of each folder and allows you to browse multiple folders from a tabbed interface.


Folder View - easy file browsing to your favorite folders

Website - Freeware

reviewed by ClifNotes on 1/2/05



I've tried Windows Explorer add-ons before. Most of them made my system unstable. This one seems rock solid and has saved me tons of time while I move files around to keep things tidy. Two thumbs up!



Create an empty folder in MyDocuments and make it the default folder during the configuration. Then you can later drag and drop your favorite folders onto the empty Folder View toolbar.





Folder View is a free (freeware) add-on for Windows that drastically enhances the way you browse the folders on your system. Files are often scattered around many different folders on the harddisk and locations on the network. Every time you want to copy, move, open or save a file, this situation leads you to a quest through levels of folders. With Folder View, these quests are over. Folder View enhances the Windows file Explorer by making all folders you need available in a single click. It integrates with other applications, speeding up opening and saving of files and also lets you copy and move files very quickly.


Foxit PDF Reader - open up PDF's faster

Website - Download - FreeWare

by ClifNotes on 4/17/05 Updated 10/3/05



The last few versions of Adobe Reader are well know for being slow to load. The Foxit reader is much faster and it's a simple download and unzip to install. I made the switch to it one day and I was able to forget I had done it. I don't miss the Adobe product. Thanks to my wife and Mike at Temerc for suggesting I try this one out.


Update 10/3/05

The new version 1.3 allows you to type notes onto a pdf now. This is a feature that I've never seen in Adobe Acrobat.


Quote from Foxit

Foxit PDF Reader is small (the download size less than 1MB), so you can download it quickly. It doesn't need any lengthy installation, so you can start to run it as soon as you can download it. And it starts up immediately, so you don't need to wait the annoying "Welcome" screen to disappear. ... runs on Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/2003. It is provided by Foxit Software Company for free non-commercial use.


Mp4Cam2Avi - convert MP4 into AVI's

Website - Freeware

reviewed by CyberGuide on 10/05/05


Notes from Clif

Here's a nice find by CyberGuide. I'm not big on video, so I had to find out what MP4 format is all about at the website above. If you get time, surf on over to CyberGuide's place and check it out.


Review by CyberGuide

Hey, thanks Uncle Google! I was looking for a freeware to convert MP4 video files captured on my mobile phone into AVI's. I went to everybody's favourite search engine and bingo! MP4CAM2AVI is fantastic and easy to use MP4/MOV converter.



click to expand


Quote from the mp4cam2avi website

MP4Cam2AVI is MPEG4/MJPEG to AVI converter/joiner for MPEG-4 camcorders and digital photo cameras. It makes MPEG-4 camera clips DivX/XviD compatible and playable with any DVD-MPEG4 player like regular MPEG-4 movie. Program supports *.MP4, *.MOV, and *.AVI input (MPEG-4 AVI's from Casio P505/Z750 cameras are not DivX-compatible). MJPEG *.MOV's from photo cameras are supported as well. MP4Cam2AVI doesn't recompress video, that means no quality loss and fast operation (5-20x realtime, depending on audio settings). Audio can be stored in source format, or converted to MP3 (best for DVD-MPEG4 players) or PCM (best for editing). Unlike many converting apps, MP4Cam2AVI doesn't require QuickTime or any codecs to work, it performs all the job itself.


RegSeeker - cleans the Windows registry and more

Website - Freeware

updated by ClifNotes on 10/04/05



Windows keeps tons of information about itself in the Windows registry. Unfortunately it gets all clogged up with unused and plain incorrect entries after awhile. Cleaning the registry out helps keep your system running smoother and faster. I've used HoverDesk's RegSeeker for years now. I've tried lots of other cleaners and I think it's still one of the best free registry cleaners available. They keep adding more features to it and it's getting better and better. Some of the features I use most are "Clean the registry", "Tweaks", and "History". I've only found one thing I don't like about Regseeker. When you scan to clean the registry and get a list of registry entries you want to delete, there is no delete button visible. You have to select the entries you want and then right click on them to delete them. I don't think that makes it "intuitive" or easy to use.



click to expand


Quote from HoverDesk

RegSeeker includes a powerful registry cleaner and can display various informations like your startup entries, several histories (even index.dat files), installed applications and much more! With RegSeeker you can search for any item inside your registry, export/delete the results, open them in the registry. RegSeeker also includes a tweaks panel to optimize your OS! Now RegSeeker includes a file tool to search for duplicate files, bad shortcuts and more!


Site Verify Tools - don't be a victim of spoofed websites

Website - Download - Freeware

reviewed by ClifNotes on 7/24/05



Have you heard about website spoofing? Here is a tiny addition to Internet Explorer that you really could use for any web transactions that deal with money. The program adds a couple of favorites to IE and it also adds a couple of options to your right click menu when you right click on a web page. It also adds a link to a help file on your desktop. Please read the help file at least once. Thanks to Stephen at UR I.T. Mate Group for hosting the download.


Once the program is installed ...

If you are at a website and you aren't sure it's safe to enter personal information, just right click on it to make sure that you are where the address bar says you should be. You'll get a popup message telling you exactly where the website is hosted.


About the author

Me2 at CHC (the Computer Help Club) loves to help others and also knows an awful lot about Windows PC's. When you combine the two, you end up with a person you can trust to help you solve your PC problems. The club has many others there who are just as helpful. Drop by CHC and check it out. If you like what you see, it's easy to sign up so that you can ask questions or even submit answers to someone else's problem.


Quote from the help file

These tools can help you avoid becoming a casualty of "site spoofing", sometimes called "URL spoofing" (a URL is what you see in the address bar). A growing number of people are fooled into visiting malicious websites and giving personal information, such as credit card numbers, expiry dates, and so on (the scam operators promptly max out the cards). The victims do this because they believe they are at entirely different sites, such as their banks, PayPal, Microsoft Online Services, or similar. A malicious site contains copies of pages from the legitimate site, or even the real pages displayed in "frames". The "URL spoofing" part of the scam is that checking the address bar does NOT reveal the fraud, because you don't see the REAL address. Instead, the address appears to show that you're on the legitimate site. Although some methods used by these operators are blocked by Windows security updates, others are not, and new spoofing techniques are devised every week.



















BIO-Optic Organized Knowledge Device

Website - Tip

reviewed by ClifNotes on 10/03/05



I advise all parents to go out and buy these cool devices for their children. The BIO-Optic Organized Knowledge (BOOK) device has been in use for generations. It requires no electicity and will never crash. Make sure to get them those really cool accessories that go with them, the Portable Erasable Nib Cryptic Intercommunication Language Stylus (PENCILS).



click to expand



The Mississippi State University English Department announces its employment of a radically innovative technological device, the BOOK. BOOK is a revolutionary breakthrough in technology: no wires, no electric circuits, no batteries, nothing to be connected or switched on. It is so easy to use, even a child can operate it.


Compact and portable, it can be used anywhere--even when sitting in an armchair by the fire, yet powerful enough to hold as much information as a CD-ROM disc.

read more


Security Now! - weekly podcast from internet heroes

Website - Tip

reviewed by ClifNotes on 10/03/05



I've mentioned podcasting before. Steve and Leo, two of the most influential people in personal computer security and education have gotten together to produce a weekly podcast. I've been listening for a few weeks now and I'd like you to listen also. You don't need any fancy equipment like an IPOD or anything. Just go to the website above and download an MP3 file. Open it in your favorite media player and kick back for a few minutes. I promise you will learn something new each week. If you don't like listening, they also provide a text transcript you can download.


Quote from Security Now!

... weekly audio security column & podcast by Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte ... 20 to 30 minutes near the end of each week to discuss important issues of personal computer security. Sometimes we'll discuss something that just happened. Sometimes we'll talk about long-standing problems, concerns, or solutions. Either way, every week we endeavor to produce something interesting and important for every personal computer user.


Clif's Internet Safety Rules

Website - Tip

Tip by ClifNotes on 10/03/05



Here are some rules you can use to keep you safe and help keep the spyware out of your PC. I keep adding stuff to them, without getting too specific. If you have any questions about any of these rules, or you have suggestions on how I can improve this list, EmailClif.


  • Make sure you have a hardware or software firewall.

  • Always have a good virus protection program running and make sure it's up to date.

  • Scan your PC with adware and spyware scanners every now and then.

  • Find an intrusion detection program and learn how to use it.

  • Never open spam emails. You know what a spam email looks like most of the time.

  • Don't be fooled by spoofed emails that appear to be from MSN or Ebay or other places like that. I can send you an email that appears to be from President Bush, so can the hackers. If you do get fooled into opening up an email like that and it asks you to follow the links and enter in personal information, don't do it. Good companies don't ask you to do that. Only bad ones do.

  • Never click on popup advertisements while surfing the web. Sometimes these popups try to fool you into thinking they are Windows error messages. Don't be fooled. Don't click on them. Hit <ALT><F4> to close a popup window, and make sure you are using a good popup blocker. If you are at a website that has lots of popups, don't stay there unless you need to. The more popups a website has, the less you can trust them.

  • Never download and install programs from a website you are not familiar with. There are lots of people like me who can tell you which programs and websites are safe. If you go out looking for free programs, stick with Freeware Arena, Snapfiles, and some of the other big sites that scan their programs.



Have fun, and surf safely,


Here are other security tips you can read.

RulesOfProtection - avoiding spyware and viruses

CurrentEmailHoaxes - from HoaxSlayer

PC Magazine's 80 Super Security Tips














Mostz Web - 100mb of free online storage and more

Website no longer exists - Cool Website

reviewed by ClifNotes on 10/07/05



A reader, Sanook, wrote to me to recommend this service. I went out and signed up for it. Everything looks great there. Lots of cool services and plenty of free space to store and trade files. Excellent! Thanks Sanook.



Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

click to expand



What is Mostz Web? Mostz Web is a tool that allows you to store files online and then access them from anywhere. Think of it as an extra hard drive that you can use from any computer connected to the Internet. You can use it to manage files from home, work, or any other where. And can post the message to your group by the personal Message Board. It's a great way to share files and any message with family, friends, and co-workers. We give you 100MB worth of space for free, to get you started. You don't need to know HTML or any technical tricks to get started. Return often to take advantage of the new services that will make it even easier to share and manage pictures and files.


ReadPrint - your free online library

Website - Cool Website

reviewed by ClifNotes on 10/03/05



ReadPrint is a great place to go if you want to catch up on reading or even learn a thing or two. They offer thousands of free books that you can read right on their website. There is no cost. They are free.



A warm welcome to Read Print, your free online library. Our website offers thousands of free books for students, teachers, and the classic enthusiast.











Biggest in the world

Nothing much exciting happens here in Ohio this time of the year. Yeah, we have a few Oktoberfest parties and everyone has too much beer and food. That's about it.


I, my wife, and my father and mother went to New Bremen, Ohio and witnessed an earth-shattering event. Well, maybe not that big, but yes, it was big. It was 12 feet in diameter, 4 inches thick and it weighed 2020 pounds ... read more



Freebie pb wiki - FreewareWiki aquires greater freedom

Thanks to everyone who tried out pbwiki and a little effort on my part, David at pbwiki has granted this wiki "Premium" status. This means I now have 100mb of space to host files and pictures. Oh yeah, no more ads at the bottom of the page! I will also have more control over the look and feel of the site. I've got a big learning curve to travel before I can do much. I sure appreciate the chance to learn it.


Thanks to all of you for helping me make this newsletter a good place to relax and check out cool stuff.


Ebay - song by Weird Al Yankovic

Website - Cool Website

comments by ClifNotes on 10/6/05


Notes from Clif

Here's a strange but very funny offering by Marc Liron at UpdateXp.com. Thank you Marc. I really had a good laugh listening to Weird Al.


Quote from Marc Liron MVP

Oh, just before I go I am guessing you like to have fun? Well I have made available on my website the "Infamous EBAY Song" for you to listen too...


I have even added the words so you can sing along! If, like me, you use Ebay this song will leave you with a smile on your face.


listen to the song


SeaMonkey - another browser from Mozilla

Website - Freeware

comments by ClifNotes on 10/06/05



While I was checking out a new subscription to Terry Stockdale's Terry's Computer Tips newsletter, I found where Terry mentioned Firefox's new uncle, SeaMonkey. I say uncle, because the SeaMonkey browser is due to replace the old Mozilla suite, which predates Firefox by quite a few years.

After reading this, I went right out and downloaded the 11 megabyte package. When I get time I'll give it a try and report back. If any of you readers out there beat me to it, I'd be happy to post your review. This is an alpha release of the program so expect a few bugs.


Quote from Mozilla.org



  • Tabbed browsing gives you a better way to surf the net. You no longer have to open one page at a time. With tabbed browsing, open several pages at once with one click. Plus, your homepage can be multiple pages, in tabs.


  • Popup blocker lets you surf the web without interruption from annoying ads.


  • Image Manager lets you block images to remove offensive images or speed up the rendering of web sites.


  • Find as you type gives you another way to navigate a page. Just start typing to jump from link to link or to find a word or phrase within a page.


  • Plus all the features a modern browser should have including: Advanced security settings; Password, Download, and Cookie managers; Themes; multi-language and multi-platform support; and, the latest in Web Standards.


Mail & Newsgroups


  • Junk mail controls helps you take back control of your e-mail from spammers. SeaMonkey's adaptive junk mail control gets smarter with use and is personalized to the e-mail that you receive.


  • Manage your mail with customizable Labels and Mail Views. Color code your e-mail to help you prioritize. Sort your mail with views to help you through your e-mail much faster.


  • Multiple Accounts support helps you manage all your mail through one interface.


  • SeaMonkey Messenger includes Enterprise ready features such as S/MIME, return receipts, Address Books, LDAP support, and digital signing.




  • SeaMonkey's powerful yet simple HTML editor keeps getting better with dynamic image and table resizing, quick insert and delete of table cells, improved CSS support, and support for positioned layers. For all your documents and website projects, Composer is all you need.












TopFreeware's top websites

TF76, webmaster of TopFreeware wrote to recommend some websites.



This site is really cool, it allows you to get info on your website for search engines, it gets updated every month. Hopefully you haven't already reviewed it



The only gaming site you need if you're into games. All freeware unless mentioned. Very popular site.


http://www.auditmypc.com is good for testing your pc settings as well.

CyberGuide googles for freeware

Zia, author of CyberGuide wrote to ask ...


Hey Clif howz it going?

I need a couple of freewares..

1. MP4 to AVI or WMV program

2. A screen capture program which capture videos


I recommended IrfanView for capturing frames from video. Zia found the first one himself and I've included his review of Mp4Cam2Avi in this weeks newsletter.

Get the most out of Mostz

Sanook wrote in to recommend a cool free web service for storing 100mb of your personal files.


Thanks Sanook, I've written a review of it. MostzWeb

You can't cash the check if you can't read it

Tiffany forwarded a request from Mitch to me ...


I am slowing becoming dimmer and dimmer with the eyes due to age and my computing skills have also become limited as a result.

One project I have attempted over the years has been to Print Checks.

The Personal wallet size checks everybody has with their checking account.

I have always thought is possible to do this like a form letter or a mass mailing word processing program type operation. If it can print labels and or an envelope why not a check say I..


Using a ink Jet or Bubble Jet with Landscape printing and Envelop Printing capability it should be pretty simple.


I have gone so far as to change the font size of the blank space between lines up and down for fine tuning adjustments.


Each time I get it near perfect for use something slips or the margin top or bottom or whatever changes and I need to start near over.


I am wondering if someone has perfected this simple process?


I wrote back and recommended this program, which was reviewed in my newsletter by GeorgesFreeware. Here is a direct link to George's page about this utility. George's review of Check Printer.

Ramit's template quest

Ramit at pbwiki wrote to ask me to help with a project.


We are building a wizard to make it easy for people to build new wikis, and we'd like to offer people a few templates to use. That's where you come in--we'd love to have you help us build a template for 1 of these ideas.


-Educators (instructors who teach a class)

-Family album/share with your family


-Trip planner

-To do list

-Fan sites (TV shows specifically)


-Business ideas


For example, a bookseller would probably want to have an easy categorization system for books, a place for images to be displayed, pricing, etc. By contrast, a TV fan site would probably have something like a general summary page, episode summary, music page, Factoids page, a discussion forum, and character background.


So to make this happen, please pick one of the above choices (tell me which one you like best!), investigate what the typical user would want, and create a new PBwiki with your template.


We'll be HAPPY to give you credit when we launch this new feature.


I accepted Ramit's request, I'm still working on a Family Album template with my wife. If you think you'd like to try your hand at making a pbwiki template, EmailClif. Editing pages on pbwiki (PeanutButterWiki) is as easy as making a peanutbutter and jelly sandwich. It's free and all you need to give out is your email address. Click on the pb&j sandwich below to sign up for a free pbwiki account. You can make as many of them as you wish.


If you ever get anxious about giving your email address out to someone new. Check out my reviews of MailiNator, SpamLa, SpamhOle and SpamGourmet.

Spoofed by SpoofStick

Keith wrote in with two questions ...


I have two questions & a comment...

My first is about Opera. I haven't used it much & none lately. My question is this...I have an older version & would like to update. My problem is, I have some favorites & such set up in the older version. How can I keep what I have saved in the new version?

About SpoofStick... When I first installed it, it was at the first of the toolbar...over time it has moved to the other end of the toolbar. I'm giving you a screenshot so you can see what I'm talking about. Obviously, if I can't see what it's telling me, it's not doing much good. I don't know how to get it moved so I can see all the info. I would be more than happy to research this, but, my life is so frantic right now, there isn't much time for it.

I want to tell you again, how much I appreciate what you do. I've learned so much...can't thank you enough!


I wrote back ... If you you had a recent version of Opera (7+), just install the new one and it will detect your old version of Opera. The bookmarks and settings will be used by the newest install.


All of your toolbars can be moved. You have them locked right now. I bet you didn't realize that.

Go to the menu, View / Toolbars and uncheck the "Lock the toolbars" item in the menu.


Now you can grab the toolbars by the vertical line and drag them around.

Can't click this

Kavs wrote this about the recent DontClickIt review.


That "Don't Click It" site might've been interesting but NO, I never could figure out how to see its contents. But whoa, I don't care, that was merely a capricious and obtuse sorta thing. Now wait: you wanna see a TRULY GREAT 'don't click it' site, try this:


Thanks for the congratulations!

Thanks to all of you who wrote me to send congratulations to me on my daughter's marriage last weekend. I get lots of nice email from many of you. Thanks again.

Fort Freeware says, put down some roots

The webmaster of FortFreeware wrote to tell me ...


Hey Clif well done on your new site, keep up the good work. But I now notice you have 3 or 4 addresses... which one would you prefer the me to link to on FORT Freeware list of "Our Favorite Sites"? I also just mentioned your site in my RSS Feed.. :-)


Thanks for the link and the mention. I've been changing websites far too often. I hope I can stay here for a long time. FortFreeware is a fellow member of the FreewareRevolution and another great place to look for good freeware.

Cleaning up DLL dust bunnies

Eddie wrote to ask ...


Can you recomend a free program that will clean out duplicate dll files on my computer.

I can promise you, you are going to enjoy being a grandpa.


Thanks Eddie, I look forward to being called Grandpa. There are many free duplicate file finder utilities out there. Please give this one a try and let me know how it works for you. I've been hearing that it's popular but I've never tried it myself. http://www.snapfiles.com/get/clonecleanerlite.html


If you want to find DLL files that are not being used by your system, try the AnalogX DLL Archive tool. http://www.analogx.com/contents/download/system/dllarch.htm

Fraud Eliminator is eliminated

Hazie wrote ...


I downloaded FraudEliminator and my computer is acting weird. Most of the sites I try to go to says "cannot find server" or "this page cannot be displayed" and I have to click refresh each time to go where I want to go. I am on wireless and know I am connected cause I can go to other sites. It has also made my computer slower. I went ahead and removed it and now my computer is running great!!!


My wife, Respect2Glory, did an online search and only found one other person who had this problem. The Fraud Eliminator website didn't offer any suggestions on this. I wrote back to Hazie and recommended she try out Me2's SiteVerifyTools, and read up a little about website and email spoofing.

Tranferring from a hard disk to a harder disk

Kim wrote to ask about copying hard disks ...


I am wanting to transfer data from a bad hard drive to a good hard drive. Assuming the data is even retrievable which of these 2 programs would you recommend, or do you have a favorite? These are the 2 i have found that sound pretty good:


Pc to go by digital immigrant

Easy pc transfer by stompsoft


Do you have a review on these? Or do you know of a better program? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Sorry, I've never heard of either one. Both are payware so I'd never use them. The closest thing I've used to this type of software is a small program called xxcopy. http://www.xxcopy.com/


There's a free version of xxcopy and it can create a duplicate of the old hard drive on the new one if I'm not mistaken. Xxcopy is a command line program. If you aren't familiar with using this type of program, maybe you'd be better off with something else.


If you want a program with a GUI or graphical user interface, then check out these programs at Snapfiles.com. Look in the Disk Tools and Backup Tools. http://www.snapfiles.com/Freeware/categories/14/

Making your virtual world bigger

Kim wrote this later ...


Is there such a device as a magnifier similar to the glare reducer screens that are mounted on the monitor? My mother is 80 yrs old and would love to have something like this and i can't find anything even similar. Do they even make a device like this? I have checked with tiger direct and a few random searches on the net and come up empty. Got any ideas?


I've never heard of a monitor magnifier. There is a magnification program in Windows that can help.

See http://www.microsoft.com/enable/training/default.aspx for more ideas on how to make it easier for Grandma to use the PC.


If any of you out there have found a good solution to reading a computer screen when you have poor eyesight, EmailClif to tell me about it.

Scotty! The shields are down!

StevenBurn, webmaster of http://it-mate.co.uk wrote to warn me of a possible security issue at pbwiki. Do to his report, the security here has been upgraded. It wasn't a serious issue but David here at pbwiki jumped right on it. Much thanks Steven and David, you couldn't have better friends on the internet, unless you paid them. LOL

To everyone: I like getting messages from you. Don't hesitate to EmailClif with your comments.









Have fun and surf safely.



http://clifnotes.net & http://freewarewiki.pbwiki.com

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