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 Clif Notes Newsletter    October 17, 2004


 System Mouse Emulator - keyboard mouse
Mouse Emulator is only a 10k zip file. No installation needed. Could be a real life saver when needed.

Website - Download - Quote from the website

Is your mouse broken, or did you just forget it? Or maybe you are having USB driver problems, and your mouse isn't working. With Mouse Emulator, you can still use your computer.
The program recognizes the following keys: (NumLock must be ON!)
Keypad 1 - Left mouse button
Keypad 2 - Right mouse button
Keypad 3 - Middle mouse button
Keypad 4, 5, 6, 8 - Moves the mouse left, down, right and/or up respectively.
Keypad 7 - Mousewheel up (Scroll)
Keypad 9 - Mousewheel down (Scroll)
Keypad / - Toggle Left mouse button (Useful for RSI users)
Keypad * - Toggle Right mouse button (Useful for RSI users)
Keypad - - Toggle Middle mouse button (Useful for RSI users)
Ctrl + Keypad 0 - Enable/Disable Mouse Emulator

 System subfolder - create new file folders faster 
This utility has been helping people since the Windows 95 days. It reduces the number of mouse clicks it takes to make folders on hard drives.
Website - Download is no longer available - Quote from the website
SubFolders allows you to create a subfolder within another folder by right-clicking the parent folder and selecting SubFolder. This method has several advantages: It is quicker than the usual File->New->Folder - The program is faster than Windows95's built-in method - If you have a selection of files you won't lose the selection when you create the folder. You can select your files then create a new directory for them then move them there.

Crappy Free SpyScanner 8.0.5 - is rogue anti-spyware?
Sometimes I just have to check things out for myself. Even though I saw that this program's parent program was listed in SpywareWarrior's list of "Rogue Anti-Spyware" I figured I'd try it out. The parent program (pro version) is Spyware Cleaner. The website offers this one as a free version that will not be able to get updates. To test this program I went through the following procedure. First I scanned my system with current, updated versions of Adaware and Spybot. I fixed a few very minor problems that these flagged, then I installed this program using Total Uninstall (just in case of problems). I ran SpyScanner and it flagged 5 files, 4 folders and 1 registry entry that it said were spyware. I carefully checked the items and discovered that these were all "false positives". I had placed a keylogger on my system and Adaware flagged it. Spyware Scanner never saw it. My conclusion is that SpywareWarrior's warning is absolutely on the money. In my opinion SpyScanner is crap.
Website is no longer available - Quote from the website (the only true statement is "absolutely free")
SpyScanner will scan your PC Absolutely FREE and let you know if you have any files that are infecting your PC!

Editors StripMail - remove forwarding marks >>>>>
Great utility for email. Fast, small, and no installation needed. Just double click it and you're off and running.

Website - Instructions - Quote from the website

StripMail is a FREEWARE utility that: Strips the characters ">" and "|" from forwarded e-mails.  Formats the text into paragraphs, making it easier to read.  Changes the text's right margin, by indenting.  Can be used with any e-mail client.

 Security Qwik-Fix Pro - protection before infection (is no longer free, now is called preEmpt 2.0)
This is one of the most effective protection systems I've seen yet. It sits in the system tray running as soon as your PC boots. It goes out and occasionally gets updates and applies "fixes" to your PC in order to prevent attacks. However, it is register-ware and it's only available for free until the end of October. So, if you want to try it, you better do it now.
Website - Quote from the website
Get Proactive 
Qwik-Fix Pro uses Active System Hardening to protect Windows desktops and servers against new threats by blocking the underlying vulnerabilities exploited by worms and viruses. Qwik-Fix Pro protects from hundreds of specific worms and viruses and safeguards PCs from falling victim to the next worm or virus before vendor security patches become available. Qwik-Fix Pro users were protected in advance from Sasser, MSBlaster, SoBig.F, and even the recent Scob and download.ject worms.

Editors HTML Quick Edit Bar - easiest web editing around
Are you a beginner at editing web pages? If so, this may be your ticket to fly. The people at Microsoft have included a basic web editor built right into Internet Explorer (IE). Not many of us have ever seen it or knowingly used it because enabling it in IE requires a registry hack. The author of this freeware toolbar has taken this and built around it to make it easy to use for all. After installing this toolbar, you'll have a nice little toolbar in IE that you can click on to edit any web page and save it to your hard drive or ftp to your web host. If you want to start with a blank slate, just open up notepad and save an empty text file to your desktop as an html file (file extension of .htm or .html). Next open up the file with IE then pick the Shatran HTML Quick Edit button and you can create new web pages. You can insert images by right clicking in an empty area and choosing "Insert Image". You can create text hyperlinks by highlighting text and right clicking on it and choosing "Edit Hyperlink". You can create picture hyperlinks by highlighting an image and right clicking just to the left or right of the image and choosing "Edit Hyperlink". To save it just choose "File" > "Save" or "File" > "Save As" from IE's file menu. Saving a page off the internet is tricky and I'm not sure I've got the hang of it yet. It might be better to save an internet web page before you click on HTML Quick Edit, then edit the html file that you saved. The only real things I miss in this editor are font control and table creation tools.
Website - Quote from the website
HTML Quick Edit Bar - is a freeware toolbar for Microsoft Internet Explorer that enables to put the browser into a mode where you can edit the current HTML page. Once edited, you can upload the modified page to your web-site via FTP. HTML Quick Edit Bar can be useful for anyone who uses Microsoft Internet Explorer, as it allows to modify HTML documents "on fly" when browsing.

 Security Microsoft JPG vulnerability flaw
Don't get caught looking. We've been warned for a few weeks now that XP should be patched to fix this flaw. Just looking a specially picture can allow hackers to infect your PC. Now it's not only XP that needs patched, if you use any one of many programs that use .NET or other Microsoft software you could be caught as well. There's a simple test below.

Check here for the fix - Quote from the website (a quick test for non-XP machines)

If you are running an earlier version of Windows and if you have certain versions of Greetings, Picture It!, or Digital Image Pro installed, you may need to install additional updates. The GDI+ Detection Tool checks your computer for affected versions, then returns a list of links to the download locations of any updates you need.
JPG flaw test button

 Security Sysinfo.org - registry key help
This is a really helpful web page that has two quick searches for CLSID (or BHO) and Startup identification. If you have suspicions about any programs that start up when you boot the computer or have trouble identifying a CLSID registry entry, this may be your first stop for information.

Website - Quote from the website

Welcome at sysinfo.org
This page contains a collection of information about entries that may appear in important parts of the Microsoft Windows registry.

Cool Web Site Links
 Website Halloween Stuff

 Help Respect2Glory at Xanga.com - help for the soul
Just to show you I'm not all geek, I will recommend a visit to my wife's website for those of you who can use a little encouragement through these tough times. She helps me every day.
Website - Quote from the website
We are commanded to forgive those that have hurt us; even those who have stolen our joy. Forgiveness is a very powerful virtue.

 Help Zeliah at Xanga.com - help for the heart
I don't often express my emotions well. It's just as well that I mainly comment of software programs. If you ever need to hear someone who can really express emotion and do it well, come and visit Zeliah. She's got depth, and she's a great model for all the geek girls out there. If she ever offers advice to you, I'd recommend you listen hard.
Website - Quote from the website
To get to know me is easy, it is never about what you look like?, what you earn?, where you live?, what you have?, what your status is?. I want to know who you are when life throws you an obstacle, and what you believe in when faith is nowhere to be found. I want to be your secret diary, your innermost sanctum, the one you go to, when you need to feel whole. You will know what lies in my heart only when I can see what lies in the center of your soul. I am still finding my path, my destiny, have you found yours?
Clif Notes Newsletter