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May 15, 2004Freeware reviews and Website reviews from Clif Notes
  Freeware websites  Oldversion.com - Find long lost programs 
 Oldversion.com specializes in providing old versions of popular programs. Not all of them are freeware. Many of them are a mix of freeware versions with later versions becoming shareware or trialware. A friend of mine at work complained that the new version of Adobe Acrobat was really slow to load. I told him to check out Oldversion.com. He dumped the new version and now he's happy with an older one.

List from the website: http://www.oldversion.com/

aim   eudora   icq   icqlite   mirc   msn messenger   ventrilo   yahoo messenger   acdsee   webpics   irfanview   swish   terragen   divx   itunes   music match   quicktime   real jukebox   real   virtualdub   winamp   windows media player   aol   bullet proof ftp   compuserve   getright   gozilla   ms internet explorer   juno   opera   cutemx   dc++   kazaa   kazaalite   limewire   ? morpheus   napster   scour   winmx   acrobat   adaware   clonecd   deadaim   directx   jv16   nero   powarc   winace   winrar   winzip   zone alarm  

 Freeware Websites Last Freeware Version at 321download.com - Freeware website
There are many good software programs I've used in the past that I just won't review here because they've gone from being freeware to shareware or trial software. I stumbled across this site and it's a gem. They've aquired a small collection of popular software in it's last version as freeware. They might be a little out of date, but these programs are unencumbered by being crippled or time limited. If you want an up to date version of them, prepare to pay some money.

List from the website: http://www.321download.com/LastFreeware/ 

jv16-Powertools  RegCleaner  PowerArchiver  PopCorn  Mailwasher  DDTitle  FolderSizes  TxEdit  Floppy Image  ClipCache  Clean It  Tiny Personal Firewall  PrintKey  Quick Mixer  Backup4all   Ram Idle  Mail Warrior  TypeItIn   Drive Rescue  FmEdit98   Turbo Navigator  Octopus  No Hands Backup  Textbox  AI RoboForm  ShowCalc  Kerio Personal Firewall  eCleaner


 Security Program Winsonar ? 2004 - Protection against unknown programs
  I tried Winsonar out a couple years ago. At the time, I thought the program was a trouble maker. It was always popping up and asking me if it was okay to run a program I just launched, so I stopped using it. Finally after 2 or 3 viruses and a trojan or two, I've come to realize that it may be a pain in the rear for a good reason. It protects you against the number one threat to your PC. YOU!  The next time you download a bug and try to execute it, Winsonar will ask you ... Is this a trusted program? Since the last time I had used it, Winsonar has added a few features that make it even better at it's job.

Quote from the website: Home page  

... designed for process monitoring and system protection from unknown processes: the program detectes new processes permanently installed into memory while system is working off-line, offering also an active Internet protection, by optional automatic termination of any unknown process trying to load itself into memory when the system is on line.

 System Utility   Look@Win - Installation + System change detection (Win9x, ME only)
I tried out this program briefly and I like the way it works. Basically it is used to track the changes a program makes when you install it. For example, I want to install Kazaa, but I suspect it may have spyware in it. (Darned right it does). First I run LookatWin and it does it's thing, and even backs up the registry. Next I run the installation file for Kazaa. After Kazaa is installed, I run LookatWin once again. LookatWin compares the before and a?ter runs and tells you what has changed. What registry keys have changed? What changes were made to the win.ini file? What dll's and exe's were installed? After LookatWin shows you the changes, you can always look in the log files it makes to really get a close look at the changes. This is a great little piece of freeware but if you need a little more from a install detector, try Total Uninstall. By the way I really like the website that hosts this file. They have a few other freeware proggies you might like. Quote from the website Home page

This program is intended to track changes made to the system by setup programs. If you perform the installation of a program, you won't know if the setup will copy some files(i.e. DLL, VBX ) to your Windows (Tm) or Windowssystem directory. The amount of space required by Windows directories will enlarge, and if a specific uninstall program is not provided, you won't know what files could be safely deleted from Windows. Running Look@win 3.53, after a program installation setup, will compare the actual status of Windows system with the recorded previous one, detecting changes. Inizialization files and Registry file control provides a sort of anti-virus function,too: if any difference will be detected, the new lines in .ini files or Windows Registry will be displayed, thus alerting for changes made by viral programs in order perform malicious actions at system startup. Moreover detection of size changes of executable files in Windows directories adds possibilities of early discovering a viral attack to your system.

    Home Computer Security - Website Help
This site appears to have many of the home computer security issues under it's thumb. Following the guidelines they lay out for home users will assure you safe surfing.

Quote from the website

No matter how a home computer is connected to the Internet, intruders? attacks are often successful. Many home computer owners don?t realize that they need to pay attention to computer security. In the same way that you are responsible for having insurance when you drive a car, you need to also be responsible for your home computer?s security. This document explains how some parts of the Internet work and then describes tasks you can do to improve the security of your home computer system. The goal is to keep intruders and their programs off your computer.