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Clickster - search and download MP3 files

review from Bluepwrdup, Apr 2007, Updated Oct 2007, permalink Web Search Tools


Note from Clif:

Clickster has been updated. See the letter from Clickster's author, below.

The new features sound great. I hope to hear from anyone trying them out.



Hello Clif,



Just to let you know that, I have released a major upgrade to

Clickster. (http://remlapsoftware.com/clickster.htm)


- Search and Download MP3's from the Internet (NOT Peer-2-Peer)

- Rip Tacks from thousands of Internet Radio Stations

- Rip Tracks from MySpace Music

- Compile Playlists and embed them, with player, into own pages

- Download Tracks Directly onto iPod or MP3-Player

- Clickster can be run from a USB Data-Stick



What's New...

MySpace Music Ripper & Downloader

with Clickster you can Rip and Download any of the 110 million MP3's

hosted there by over six-million bands.


Security Fixes

Some customers have reported in earlier versions that, ocassionally

advertising popups appeared during the MP3 validation process, served

by the MP3 hosting site. This flaw in Clickster has now been fixed.


Improved Interface

The display of Search Results has been totally re-written. When the

Search Process is in operation the 'Jolly Roger' icon is animated.


Improved Search Process

Large parts of the search process and results reporting have been

re-written, providing even more quality results.


New File Download Feature

The file download feature has been totally re-written. It is now

possible to download multiple mp3's at the same time (currently up to

three) and where a file is found to reside on more than one server,

the download is called from multiple locations, making for much faster

download speeds. Finally, customers can now download mp3's even while

the search process is running.


Best wishes from England Clif for a good weekend.






Robert Palmer

Author - Clickster


Review from Bluepwrdup:


Clickster 1.10


Licence (Freeware - donation for Pro version)

File Size: 1.72 Mb


What is Clickster ? The answer to this question is simple. Clickster is a safe and legal option for searching and downloading Mp3 music files from the Internet without the negative impact of being prosecuted by the ruthless RIAA ( Recording Industry Association of America ). The RIAA is currently engaged in the business of tracking down P2P users who share illegal music files. The RIAA is determined to spank the P2P / BitTorrent network into submission - making peoples lives miserable with their hard core anti-piracy practices. According to the RIAA, get caught downloading material that is protected under the copyright infringement act and you will face the music in court.

( pun-intended )



There are literally tons of Mp3's already available on the Internet - it's just a matter of locating them. This tidy StandAlone application performs it's magic by searching the net for Mp3 files employing several databases, Altavista and a couple of smaller search engines to find Mp3's that are indexed in the "http communications protocol." The developer plans on incorporating Google in future build releases. A little known fact, Google has more Mp3's indexed than all the P2P networks combined.



Out of concern over the legal aspects, I contacted the developer questioning the legalities involved using this software and how the RIAA would respond when they catch wind of the 'Clickster'.



This is what he had to say :



"I am expecting some grief from the RIAA and their partners in the UK and Europe over Clickster. But with there being nothing illegal passe within Clickster, it's difficult to see what, if anything they can do to me...except threaten and moan. Current legislation both within in the States and Europe does not make provision for it to be illegal to download copyrighted material...if it was then every user of YouTube would be breaking the law whenever they access a pop-video. It's the sharing/distribution of material which is illegal and while I guess a few webmasters could be prosecuted for hosting mp3 files, that's about it. The RIAA currently attempts to block the Ports used by BitTorrent and P2P networks, Clickster uses Port 80. As I'm sure you are aware, Port 80 is the main Internet traffic port and blocking this results in a total block of all Internet traffic, which is obviously not an option." Point well taken - my emphasis.



If the RIAA wants to put an end to downloading they will have to destroy the Internet altogether, and that's highly improbable. Being a musician myself, I have seen the music industry heading in the wrong direction for years. I will spare you the torture of going into great lengths babbling about my own personal views regarding the recording industries despicable (shameful) treatment of the artist and their fans. I will say this, the RIAA is a depository of the greediest people known to mankind. They have in effect given the artist a bad name. The wave of upcoming artist's are taking a new novel approach by eliminating the middleman. By promoting a few tasty numbers as free downloads, if the music enthusiast likes what they hear, they will buy the CD. Enough rambling on my part. I'm supposed to be writing a review.



Comparing 'Clickster' to some high profile P2P programs you will find that it is so easy to use it's ridiculous. Once you have it installed, it loads up with a simple uncomplicated user-interface. No difficult settings to deal with. No exposure to infected files that are all to common in the illegal P2P file sharing realm.



To use 'Clickster' you simply type in the artist, a genre, song title, a phrase and a list of tracks will be generated. I wanted to see what would show up for Frank Sinatra. To my surprise there were over forty tags of his most popular songs. All of the songs I downloaded were high quality. To be on the safe side all tracks were scanned for infections - no threats were detected. By clicking on the mp3 track location button the URL will be displayed. You can download the files directly or you can listen to them through the interface player by double clicking on the song name. Note: in order for the player to function properly you will need the latest Internet Explorer Macromedia flash player plugin installed.



Note: Nagware included to update to Pro version. The author will gladly take donations. I asked what would be the least amount he would accept.



Here's the reply I received :



"With regard to donations, I'll pretty much accept anything. That said, anything less than $3 actually costs me money to process. When I first embarked upon this bizarre payment schedule for Clickster-Pro, friends said I was crazy and would never receive a payment in excess of $1. While that happened a couple of times and worse, two people have so far sent me 1 cent, the vast majority have been fair and generous. As long as I get enough money to pay for the hosting and bandwidth charges, I'm a happy man."



"Most software developers seem to come from an angle which almost seems to assume that all customers are thieves; looking to rip off them and their software. I prefer to assume that the majority of users as honest people and concentrate my efforts into making better software, rather than ensuring I milk every last cent."



"As for kids, who are not old enough to hold a PayPal account or people living in parts of the world not recognised by PayPal, I give away free copies of Clickster-Pro upon receiving their email."



All in all, Clickster is a spiffy little program that performed well. The author is a down to earth individual. I'm sure he wouldn't mind hearing from you if you have any questions relating to the usage of "Clickster'. If you think it's morally wrong or illegal to download music files, then don't do it. The controversial issues surrounding the downloading of Mp3's is meant to make you paranoid by design. Just keep in mind that if you decide to download, I encourage you to please go out and purchase other music CD's created by your favorite artist's or go see them perform live. Happiness is a two way street - if ya catch my drift.



(Win 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista)

No malware / virus / adware / spyware detected

Download from the home of Clickster : http://www.remlapsoftware.com/