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ClearProg - clearing your tracks

review from Mindblower, Jul 2007, permalink Browser Tools


From Mindblower:

Thought I'd share this gem with those interested in keeping their computer safe from prying eyes (clearing their tracks). It's called ClearProg (available at http://www.clearprog.de/downloads.php?lang=en ) and I recommend the Beta versions, since they are bulletproof.


Besides the ability to work with different browsers like Internet Explorer, Opera, Netscape/Mozilla.Firefox, one can clear plugins from MS Office, Multimedia, and over 200 others listed below. The program is easy to use, fully user friendly (where you select what you want erased) and so on. Highly recommended, Mindblower!


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Quote from the website

the program deletes the surftracks of the browser:

- supported browsers: Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla, Firefox and Opera

- cookies (with exclusion possibility)

- history

- temporary internet files (cache)

- the registered URLs

- autocompleting entries in webforms

- download lists of the Netscape/Opera


further the among other things following things can be deleted:

- recycle

- document files in the starting menu

- windows temp files

- execute entries in the startmenu

- file lists of ms Office programs

- file lists of the Windows Media Player and the RealPlayer

- own files with filter (can be selected)

- plugIn-function for independent inserting of erasing processes