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Cetus Wordpad - an abandoned wordpad replacement

Notes from ClifNotes, Mar 2008, permalink Text Editors


I've been keeping my eye on John Hood's site. It looks like his switch to a different content manager has allowed him to devote more time to trying new freebies out.


Here is one of John's recent updates to an old program.


Cetus Wordpad

John H., 20 January 2008 (created 24 August 2007)


Review Date: Apr-2003 First Listed: Jun-2004 -License: Abandonware

Average Rating = 6.5 (Of The 4 Programs I Reviewed)


Pluses - Blazingly fast. Dead-easy for a new person to pick up. Reads and writes RTF and Microsoft Word Version 6.0 and below.


Minuses - Interface won't win any beauty contests. Also, no longer available. I am hosting it.




John Hood's

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