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Calendar of Updates - find out when to update your security

Website - Free Security Services

reviewed by ClifNotes and Haraldo, Feb 2006



Notes from Clif

Calendar of Updates (CoU) is an online source of knowledge about security and the security software you need to protect your PC. A quick visit to the forums at CoU will also allow you to get emailed reminders for each of your security programs that need to be updated. This is nice, because you don't have to remember to visit CoU to look around. However, if you don't go there often, you might be missing out on a lot of other neat stuff they have there.


This week, Haraldo, an administrator at the Calendar of Updates forums, wrote to me to ask me if I wouldn't mind updating my review. Since my last mention of CoU, their websites, forums, and services have expanded substantially.


I wrote back and asked about a few of the details. Haraldo replied with a very good overview of the resources available CoU.


=== From Haroldo ===

1. Users of all levels visit CoU thanks to the dedicated volunteers who continually update the security information forums as well as the Calendar of Updates, which lists most of the security progams definition and program updates.


2. The most popular feature of the site is the Calendar of Updates. Our unique easy to read format allows a visitor a quick glance of the daily updates. Along with update information, we typically alert our users to major security news headlines by linking from the calendar to our support forums.


3. We currently have almost 2,000 registered members and an untold number of unregistered guests who typically visit repeatedly throughout the day...every day of the year!


We have a staff page indicating all of our team members.


Here are some of our website statistics.


4. Our site is forever a work in progress. We strive to provide a 'one stop shopping experience' for security minded users. We cater to users of all levels by providing:


  • An entry level training course and introduction to the important security related tools (anti-malware scanners, preventatives and helpful tips) through our very successful and well appreciated CoU-niversity
  • A broad range of help forums for the intermediate user.
  • Vital security information for our advanced users.


5. Our future plans include:


  • A revamped web site
  • Additional courses in basic security training (an extension to CoU-niversity)
  • An upper level 'institute for advanced studies' providing training for intermediate and advanced users wishing to further their education.
  • Subscription services (allowing product specific monitoring of updates and upgrades)
  • Proprietary product research. We currently have a few studies of the relative effectiveness of some of the security related tools. As issues (and new threats) arise, we will unveil studies that can help the end user decide on the specific product or strategies to help protect their computing environment.

=== End ===


**Be sure to drop by CoU

    • sometime to take a look. You'll often find something you need to update or learn about.