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Cablenut - speeding up your internet connection

a reader's review, Jun 2006


From Clif

Richard wrote me about this program. It sounds good. Thanks for writing me about it!


I have used a small program called Cablenut to change the ISP connection enhancing the download speed. For me I've noticed a huge difference in download time and I thought folks might like to know about this Cablenut, after all it is free and it does work.


Here's the Info


Cablenut 4.08


Tweak your broadband connection with this ( free ) Cablenut 4.08 software and the Cablenut add on package. Over 60 custom tweak files for the Cablenut program. A wide variety of settings for Cable & DSL users! Easy to use. Be sure to back up your registry prior to tweaking. My first choice was from the update package cable/dsl XP_2k (3500-384). As you can see from the various test results below it significantly boosted Comcasts download speed - within a T-1 level. Cablenut provides a community support forum if you need help. Give it a whirl you'll be pleasantly surprised.


Download Cablenut

Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP

No malware - spyware detected



Thanks Clif for all the useful information your newsletter provides. Keep up the good work.


Peace out ....