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BlueFrog Croaks - antispam service is pronounced dead

article at The Internet Patrol, May 2006


comments by Clif

According to the article, a firm named Blue Security has had their website shut down due to retaliation from a Russian controlled zombie PC network. The Blue Security CEO, Eran Reshef, is quoted as saying:


“We cannot take the responsibility for an ever-escalating cyberwar through our continued operations. As we cannot build the Blue Security business on the foundation we originally envisioned, we are discontinuing all of our anti-spam activities and are exploring other, non spam-related avenues for our technological developments.”


The website at http://www.bluesecurity.com/ was offering a program called BlueFrog, that allowed people to "spam the spammers". Once you signed up or installed their software, any email coming from known spam websites was return emailed with an "opt-out" email.


A Russian named PharmaMaster, who controls ten's of thousands of hijacked PC's, called zombies, launched an attack against Blue Security websites and he's won the battle.


An article at Digg also recommends that you uninstall BlueFrog immediately if you have used it.


If you really want to try and stop spam, I suggest less drastic methods, such as the email etiquette recommended by my friend Bill Webb, the spam control tips from my friend Brett Christensen and the use of "spam-eating" temporary email addresses such as SpamhOle, SpamGourmet, Spam.la and Trashmail.net.


read the source article at The Internet Patrol