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Block all bad sites - where is this program at?

comments from ClifNotes, Aug 2007, permalink Rants and Raves


I recently received this email from Ann. I'd like to see if anyone here can recommend existing software that fits her dream. I've got a couple of ideas that may work.


Thanks for venting Ann.


Letter from Ann:

Hi Clif,


Never write or email but thought ...heck, I want SOMEONE to hear me lol! So here's my brilliant idea.


You mentioned 2 free site advisors and my brilliant idea IS:


Have some brilliant program writer, make a site BLOCKER....FREE, FREE, FREE please.Heck, make Microsoft and Mac etc. put it on ALL THE NEW computers they sell from now on!


It would BLOCK ALL SITES THAT DON'T HAVE A GREEN CHECK MARK...that would do several things:


1 Would show only the GOOD websites and give them the attention and clicks they deserve!


2 The lousy and ad pop up, virusy sites would HAVE TO clean up their act! That's why I want it free and preferably on every new computer for the poor newbies ( that I was not long ago ), who don't have a clue as to what to add to protect their computers.


3 Whoever does the program would be loved by computer users and hated by virus loving, computer crashing idiots....you'd never know that I'm a nice Christian woman, would you lol.....sorry, but I'm passionate about fairness and getting rid of hmmmmm, dare I use the word idiots again lol.


4 Not only would the PROGRAM be loved by the PROGRAMMER would be loved and more than likely get a great job offer from some big computer company lol.


5 The bad sites would shrivel up and die from lack of use!


So that's my idea and my venting email lol. Ann