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BitDefender Rootkit Uncover - what's hiding on your PC?

review by ClifNotes, Jul 2006


The fiasco with Sony's DRM (digital rights management) software made people aware of a new threat to PCs everywhere. The threat is the dreaded root kit. If you have a root kit on your system, many times you will not be able to find it with your normal anti-virus or anti-spyware software. This is where you must turn to a root kit detector to give yourself a little peace of mind.


This BitDefender program scans my PC in just a couple of minutes. Other root kit detectors I've used before typically take a long time to scan the whole system. It's small and fast, just the way I like my freeware. Rootkit Uncover is in beta testing, but so far I haven't found any bugs.


Naturally, the only way I can confirm it works is to get infected with a root kit. As long as I'm careful what I try out online, this may never happen. So, I can't say it's really that good, but I always feel better after scanning my PCs for root kit activity.




You can read about this beta software at the BitDefender website.



They want volunteers to help them test it, so you'd have to sign up to get it there. I found the same version of it available at MajorGeeks website (below).



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