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Better Gmail 2 - even better for heavy Gmail users

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I use Gmail every day and Better Gmail just makes it better. Recently Gmail updated their web interface and my old Better Gmail plugin wasn't working. I found that LifeHacker had a new version of it out. Guess what? It's even better!


The Better Gmail hacks offer lots of keyboard shortcuts (macros) for navigating Gmail and helping to label the emails. Any time you need help with the keyboard macros, you simple hit the "H" key to see them all.


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Quote from the website

Google updated Gmail, and now we're following up with Better Gmail 2, a Firefox extension that adds features to the new Gmail interface. Like its predecessor, Better Gmail 2 is a compilation of Greasemonkey user scripts that add features to Gmail, but Better Gmail 2 works with Gmail's overhauled interface. We'll maintain the original Better Gmail extension separately from Better Gmail 2, for users still rocking the older version. However, if you've got the snappier Gmail interface enabled and you're ready for some tweaks courtesy of scripters far and wide, hit the jump for the Better Gmail 2 Firefox extension download.

Better Gmail2 at LifeHacker





Better Gmail - shortcuts, skins and more

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Previously, I've written about a Firefox GreaseMonkey script called Gmail Macros. Gmail Macros enables over a dozen shortcuts for Gmail. It's been saving me tons of time in my own email and on the job as well. Now I'm using Better Gmail, which includes the Gmail Macros and much more. If you use Gmail for any great length of time, I think you'll find it very handy.


Quote from the website

Gmail's good, but it could be better. We've featured several Greasemonkey scripts that enhance Gmail in lots of different ways - like adding saved searches, attachment icons, label colors, keyboard macros, a filter assistant and right-click conversation previews. But not everyone wants to install Greasemonkey and hunt down all those scripts.


To save you the time, I've compiled the best Greasemonkey scripts for Gmail into one handy Firefox extension, called Better Gmail. After the jump, put your Gmail on steroids with Better Gmail.