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AVG Anti-Rootkit Beta

review from Giorgos, Sept 2006, permalink


From Clif:

Thank you Giorgos. This looks like another good tool to help us keep our PC's safe from hidden spies. I really like AVG's Antivirus program, even if they don't support their free version. I'm currently using their AvgAntiVirus Free Version and EwidoAntispywareMicroScanner on my laptop.


From Giorgos

Easy to install (reboot required) and use and light on system resources.

Two scan modes:

1) Search for rootkits (its looking in most common places, its usual use)

2) Perform in-depth search (looks at all places, time consuming, useful if you performing a rootkit detection search for the first time).


There is no documentation, but its really simple to use. It doesn't show any support option, but maybe when you report a bug, someone from AVG staff will contact you. If not, you can always request support by posting at some third-party Security Forum.


If you'll face some problem with rootkits-hidden proccesses, keep in mind that running anti-rootkits in Safe Mode is not an option. They require a driver (SYS file), that is not available in Safe Mode.




Quote from AVG website:


"The first beta version of the AVG Anti-Rootkit, an advanced tool designed to detect and remove hidden objects known as Rootkits, from your computer, is now available for beta testing."


AVG Beta Forum (if someone want to participate in beta testing):



Other free-beta competitors:


1) Sophos Anti-Rootkit ( http://www.sophos.com/products/free-tools/sophos-anti-rootkit.html ).

2) Black Light Beta ( http://www.f-secure.com/blacklight/blacklight.html ).

3) Bit Defender_AntiRootKit-BETA2 ( http://beta.bitdefender.com/showmain.php ).


Download AVG Anti-Rootkit Beta


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