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Autumn Brook Theme and Screensaver

review from ClifNotes, Dec 2006, permalink _ Desktop Tools


Some time ago, I was sidetracked when I was looking at Autumn Themes. Now I've found a very nice one at Theme World, but it's really time to start putting on the winter themes.


I'm currently using DesktopArchitect to manage my themes.


Remember, be careful when looking for free themes and screensavers. This one is safe, but any time you see that the theme comes with an installer (.exe file) or a screensaver (.scr file), be very cautious. These types of downloads are a favorite way for bad guys to take over your PC.


Quote from the website

This is a beautiful autumn theme setting of a forest stream surrounded by colorful autumn treas. The sounds of water moving swiftly downstream, birds chirping in the trees, and soft piano tones blend nicely for soothing nature sound effects. Wallpaper is available in JPG format for 800x600, 1024x768 or 1152x864 display sizes. Other parts include cutout type icons of various color maple leaves, web view images, system logo screens, and a screensaver that literally makes the steam flow on your desktop.