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Autopatcher For Windows 98se - MS won't help but this might

review from ClifNotes, Nov 2006, permalink _ System Maintenance


What will you do? You've just re-installed Windows 98 on an old PC. You should get it updated at Microsoft ... uh, be prepared to spend several hours there.


Autopatcher for Windows 98se to the rescue!



I recently tried it, it took about 50 minutes, and it's just chock full of goodies to keep a new Win98 install from becoming immediately infected due to the dozens of security holes they've found in Win98 by now.


Naturally, just like a Win98 install, you'll be rebooting time and time again. But at least the autopatcher does it for you and you can actually go out and watch TV while it's doing it's job.


There is one downside ... it's a 263mb download. Oh well, just have a friend on high speed internet burn you a copy to a CD. You'll be wanting to keep it anyway.


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Quote from the website

Due to Microsoft recently officially ending support for Windows 98, it makes sense for me to do one more final update to the Windows 98 seven years later edition project. Now if you didn't know, half of that project is in effect already an autopatcher for Windows 98. It searches for updates and add-ons you haven't already got and applies them, and installs recent useful applications to bring Windows 98 into this millenium. And it doesn't just bulk update, it searches for what you need and gives you the option of installing it. Basically, if you have used any of the versions of the official Autopatcher to patch your Win2000/XP system you'll get the idea of what this can do.