Stay away from Ashampoo's free programs?

feedback from Ron, Sept 2006, permalink


From Ron

I've downloaded a few free Ashampoo products; WinOptimizer, Mp3 Studio, Startup Tuner. Even bought an upgrade for Mp3 Studio to Pro. It's all competent software, but your required download registration entitles you to endless offers for payware at discount. It's tiresome, but not all that unusual. I just didn't expect it from Ashampoo.


My advice? Most of the free programs can be duplicated by less predatory software writers. Unless you really need the payware (in reflection, I didn't, it was just a lazy decision), don't bother.


My 2 cents,



Thanks Ron! Sometimes free isn't really free. I have written about free programs that require a registration. Hopefully, I don't recommend the ones that bug you with stupid emails all the time. Nobody needs that.