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Aninote.com - customized website for friend or foe

by ClifNotes, Nov 2006, permalink _ Cool Website


I first saw this website while looking over the comments at PaperGhost's blog. I saw how the name of the person kept appearing and I was thinking it must have been a lot of work to put together. After a few minutes of tracking down where the website was hosted, I found Aninote and discovered just how easy it was to make a custom website to send a message to your lover, your friend, or your foe.


Here is a message for all of you, my friends: http://my.friend.youaremighty.com




Quote from the website

What is an Aninote? Aninote is short for ‘Animated note’, which is different than a legacy e-card. Aninotes are musical animations that are customized to display the name of the recipient in the animation. Customized Aninotes will allow additional content to be modified for the recipient. Another important feature of an Aninote is that the web address for the Aninote (e.g. http://Robert.Blake.YouAreMyFriend.com ) contains a summary of the overall message contained in the Aninote. In this example, the Aninote would be about Robert Blake being your friend.