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Get Acronis True Image 7 for free

tip from Dave at DavesComputerTips, Oct 2006


Dave wrote me a few days ago with this tip, that I promptly took advantage of. Thanks Dave!


Hello Again Clif!


I’m a huge fan of drive images, and I’ve stated that in my newsletter. My favorite program is Acronis True Image, currently at version 9.1. The current version offers smaller images and faster imaging than it rival Norton Ghost (I’m not a fan of any current Norton software).


I thought your readers would appreciate knowing that Acronis is offering version 7 for free, with registration. I began using True Image with version 8 so I have no first hand experience with version 7. I’m sure it doesn’t include some of the newer features like direct writing to cd/dvd or scheduling, but for those who are on a budget it’s a steal!




Note from Clif:

When I registered to receive my free copy of Acronis 7, I had no problems registering and getting a license key from them. However, they don't tell you where to get the new download at. I contacted their support and found out that you have to log in at their website with your email address and password that they give you, then you have to go to a link at the top of the page that says "My Account", and finally to a page under "Product Updates".


I also had trouble getting through to the Acronis website on Saturday. Maybe they are getting too much traffic from this free offer? Try again later if you can't get through.


Drop on by Dave's website, he's got lots more tips for you.